Sunday, March 26, 2017

Little boys beware!

We have always suspected that one day on the playground Mya would put another child in his or her place for picking on Jax.
You know, once she was school aged.
Turns out she wears a pretty big pair of pants for a 3 year old.
Ok ok we knew that already!

The situation:

We had biked in to the school playground and Shayla, our social butterfly, had made some new friends. They (the new friends and the siblings) were all playing tag on the playground equipment.

The 'putting a child into his place':

Random 6 year old boy: That baby is it!

Jax: (In a very quiet voice, followed by baby babble.) Hey, I is not a ba-beeee! 

Mya: (In a no non-sense very stern voice.) Do NOT call him a BABY, little boy!

Oh our little Miss Mya! 
Too bad she isn't that tough when it comes to bumps and bruises!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Welcome baby Rueben James!

 What a sweet baby boy!
Born Feb. 12... not in a hospital!
He was in a hurry to come I guess or maybe he's just a homebody!!!
Anyhow, glad you arrived safe and sound little Rueben and glad we got to come and have some lovely new born baby snuggles!

 The family of four! Looking good!

 Shayla loved cuddling with Rueben and had to fight her cousin Megan for a turn!

 When Tristan saw him he said, 'When Gramma showed me the picture I thought he was cute, but in real life he is ADORABLE!'

 Jax didn't want to hold the baby until the last day.

 And once Jax did it, then Mya wanted to as well!

And I just had to put up this picture too!
Amelia... not a fan of having her picture taken!
Too funny!


Yup Shayla broke a bone in her foot! 
Over two weeks ago now... a little slow at posting these days it seems.
In general we are just slow... like it took us 3 days to take her into the hospital!
The incident happened on a Wednesday and we sent her to school on Thursday and played hooky Friday and meant up with Clayton in Lethbridge and went water sliding and to Ag Expo! 
Oops again!
Then... yup not over yet... when we got home she went to karate. Yes, she went to karate with a broken foot. It was her first class and she begged me to go, but still! Now we are just looking a little ridiculous and neglectful!
Can I even say oops again?!!!
In our defence when we got to the hospital, the doctor pushed and prodded and Shayla didn't wince in pain and the doctor said, "I don't think it's broken but I have been stung by trampoline incidents before, so we are going to get an x-ray just incase."

Good thing as it turns out!

Standing by the scene of the incident!
At first it was pretty cool to have a walking cast but now I think the novelty has worn off a little bit.
Good thing she is young and bones heal fast, the cast should be off in under 2 weeks!