Tuesday, September 13, 2016

1st days of school!

Shayla is off to Grade 2!
She was super excited and continues to be this second week as well! Yay!

Waiting for their sisters to come home! So cute!

Tristan had to wait until the following week to
start school and ride the bus. Waiting is hard!

Tristan started kindergarten today! 
Yay but also sniff sniff

He was so excited! 
And I am so excited for my sweet, lovely middle child to get home and tell me all about his first day!

Happy 3rd Birthdays Mya and Jax!!!

I can't believe it! I really can't! 
Jax and Mya are 3!!!
When did that happen? Where does the time go?
Don't I still call them 'the babies'?!!!
And lastly...
Clayton, we did it! 
We made it through the first 3 years of parenting twins!
Let's pat ourselves on the back and down some vodka! ;)

 Shayla is covering her mouth because
she just thought Mya was so adorable!

Jax and his 'jelly' (jello) Which he made and
was very proud and excited about!

Happy birthday you two!
We love you so much and everyday we enjoy watching that special twin bond that you two have!

Miss Mya, you are such a sweetheart, always caring for your hurt or sick family members, as well as tough as nails when it comes to protecting your brother... not as tough when it comes to boo boos!  But that's ok, I love to snuggle you!

Mr. Jax, you are such a character, you make us all laugh and have a real sense of adventure! Goofy and a real teaser but also supper sweet, caring and cuddly. I love my Jaxy snuggles!

Love, Momma (and I'm sure Not the Momma shares these thought too!)

Sunday, September 4, 2016


Here is a condensed photo journey of our summer:

Camping at the most awesome, secluded and free spot on Revelstoke Lake.

Our private beach and dock

Swimming with a snowy mountain backdrop


Clayton's preferred style of biking
Devouring the popcorn

Jax very dedicated to cooking his marshmellow:
he held it way above the fire for a good half hour! 

Grandkids, bathed and ready for a movie

Back at home
Shayla and Tristan made their own 'paint'

We made a tent downstairs


Superman and Batman capes I made

Bubble bath

Uncle Brian and Aunty Karen came for a visit.
We went to Writing on Stone!

Trip to Canmore
The kids and I joined Nathan, Jenn, Riley and Zoe in Canmore.
We drove the scenic route, saw some mountain goats.
Heart Creek hike

Remember that spoiled post?
Well here 'those twins' are catching a ride on their Mom
because the Momma just wanted the crying to stop!

The neat hidden waterfall

Making our way to the hidden waterfall!


On our drive home we stopped for a pee
and picked some wildflowers
The kids gave us their wildflower bouquets and
made us fancy drinks for our anniversary

Camping at Lower St. Mary's Reservoir 

Our very secluded spot

All to ourselves!


Hike up Bear's Hump in Waterton
Those twins! Too cute!

Our adorable kids

Mountain climbers

Beautiful views

The 'friendly' chipmunks were the highlight


Jax exploring on his own: Mom please don't follow me.

Mya all tuckered out

Cameron falls

Can't get them to stand still when you want to get a picture;
and then Mya photo bombs our couple shot that Shayla took!

Back at our campsite; floating on the water

We saw so much wildlife at our campsite: this buck.
Beaver, pelican, heron, fish and cows!

Floating by the grazing buck

More deer

Found this beautiful spot: Wally's Beach

So much sand and big shade trees!

Life's a beach!


Shayla's turn to photo bomb a picture

More mud

Snack time

Back at home
Grandma Anne's birthday cake

Dress up

Trampoline + pool = FUN!


Summer fun.