Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bull Riders

Everyone loved the bull, except Mya, who stayed in the little red wagon for most of the Children's Festival and apparently I forgot to take a picture of that!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sometimes a girl just misses her Daddy

Maybe as it was just Daddy's Day last weekend or maybe because I just talked to my Mom and Dad has the canoe loaded on the truck incase some fishing in a mountain lake happens this weekend and I really wish I was able to just pop over and join them or maybe because my family is content to spend the first day of summer vacation watching TV or maybe because this spring I was lucky enough to spend a whole week just hanging out and doing fun stuff... just me and my Dad, so now I am feeling nostalgic and miss my Daddy.

So, instead of getting outside by myself and driving 2 or 3 hours and creating my own outdoor adventure fun, I just started reading old blog posts.

So here are two posts from 2012 about my Dad. This one made me laugh out loud and this one brought a tear to my eye, mainly because I am feeling all sappy and such today.

Love you Dad!

Friday, June 24, 2016

P is for Play

P is for Playdough.
P is for Please Push.. as in Please Push me on the swings!
P is for Pasta.
P is for Poop... poop is hilarious! Even just saying the word poops cracks up 2/3rds of this household.
P is for a word that gets said A LOT around here... because Jax has one and Mya doesn't! There are many inquires from Mya as to where her's went? And once Jax said he wanted to pull his off, just like Mya. And then, after any inquiry, we of course have to match up body parts to which family member has which one!
And of course P is for Pee!
Oh Jax, I knew from the first time you grinned that sh@% eating grin that you were going to be a boy true and blue! Then you repeatedly slid down the twisty tunnel slide head first at the age of one years old and I said yup, knew it!
So I guess this current situation shouldn't surprise me either... but it did, just a little.

Jax is out of diapers and into big boy underwear and nature peeing, AKA peeing outside. That is all fine and dandy with me, until yesterday he showed me where he peed on the deck. What?! No Jax on a tree or at least the ground!
So fine, every time he has to pee he runs outside. So yesterday I peeked out to make sure he was listening and there he was standing on the bottom step peeing onto the side walk. No Jax. No ground, just trees!
On my way back inside I see the stack of little chairs below the top step have a puddle in them and Jax notices me looking at them. 'I peed on the chair Momma!' No Jax, NO!
Later that same day I look up and he is peeing on the side of the house! Does a house look like a tree?
And then even later that same day I was standing talking to Clayton and Jax was standing with us. The conversation ended and I started to walk away. All of a sudden I felt a warm liquid running down my leg! I had walked right across Jax' stream of pee! Jax, I am not a tree!
So, today when he grabbed the two step stepping stool and moved it over to a tree, then proceeded to climb up and pee high up on the tree, I high fived him... because progress is progress no matter how small!
Oh my sweet little, peeing like a big boy, Jax!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Buttermilk anyone?

Jax and I biked to the store to get some buttermilk.
We were trying a home remedy for an itchy tongue and I have been wanting to show the kids how you can make butter.
It was a nice outing, just Jax and I. We stopped at the park on the way home for a little play.
Once at home I gave Jax the buttermilk in a little medicine cup as I thought it might not taste good to him and it would be more fun this way. He drank it right up!
Then we poured some buttermilk into a jar, let it warm up a bit and started to shake it... everyone was excited to see the butter appear!
We shook.
And we shook.
I wondered what I was doing wrong.
We shook some more.
The kids gave up.
I shook some more.
I phoned my Mom.
She informed me that buttermilk is the by-product of making butter... honey you need to use a thick cream!
This I should have known, in my childhood we made a lot of butter from the milk/cream from our milk cow! We didn't ever click a switch and start milking out buttermilk from her!!!

Anyhow, embarrassment aside, I decided to bake some bran muffins that called for buttermilk... I always have to put vinegar in milk as I never have buttermilk in the house!
We made the muffins. They didn't turn out as good as normal. Oh well.

Jax kept on drinking the buttermilk. His tongue wasn't as itchy.

Then last night I was making a sauce for the pasta and was trying to think how to make it with what I had in fridge and Clayton says, 'Just use that homo milk you have in the fridge, haven't you used it before?'
And I say, 'Yeah I have, but I don't have homo milk in the fridge!'
He pulls out the buttermilk and says, 'yes you do, right here.'
And I say, 'hunny that's buttermilk!'
And he says, 'Then why does it say 3.25% homogenized milk on the carton?' 

Because the people who packaged it are idiots! Because it's in a code that only a women can read! Because I say it's buttermilk, so it's buttermilk. Because I have been feeding it to Jax religiously to help with his itchy tonque. Because I baked a buttermilk recipe with it. 
Because your wife is an idiot!