Friday, December 19, 2014

You know you should have left the Christmas concert when...

...your 15 month old twins had just sat through the hour long program like perfect angels and you were feeling on top of the parenting world! Immediately then is when you should have left.

Not after your 40 month old has taken a tumble while running across the stage and as you are holding him, mouth bleeding and screaming he has to pee right now, you notice out of the corner of your eye one of your 15 month olds fall down the crack at the back of the stage. You really want to take your 40 month old to the bathroom to clean up the blood and avoid being peed on but you are not sure you should leave while your 403 month old husband is having trouble fishing your 15 month old daughter out from behind the stage and you don't even know where your 15 month old son is. Oh there he is scaling a stack of chairs. Thankfully, you see a friend, shout to her to watch your 15 month old climbing pro star and make a mad dash through the people, all gasping, hands over their mouth, did you see that baby just fall behind the stage?! 

Ya whose baby was that? Parents these days!

And while you are in the bathroom hiding cleaning up your 40 month old, some kind lady, who has teenage twins, comes in to see if you both are alright. So nice. Although now you have to emerge from the bathroom, where you were, blissfully, only responsible for the health and welfare of one child, back into the crazy, 4 children, 2 of which are twin toddlers, world of responsibility.

It takes all your will power not to run out the door with your one child!

Should have left the Christmas concert when...

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Oh Santa

This conversation happened while we were driving the other day:

Tristan: Why are you stopping, Mom?

Shayla: Because that big, red sign means you have to stop!

Tristan: Oooooh yes.

Me: The stop sign is there because we are coming up to another road and it keeps us safe, so we don't hit into another car, right?

Shayla: Ya, it's the rule and if you don't follow the rule Santa won't bring you any gifts, Tristan.

Tristan: Ooooooh yes!

Me: Uh huh. But more importantly, you stop so that you can look both ways and make sure no cars are coming and it is safe for you to go.

Shayla: And you really want Santa to bring you presents, right Tristan?

Me: I'm really NOT sure what SANTA has to do with this? You STOP so that you don't CRASH into another car and DIE!

Ok ok... I might have added the last two lines for effect, but wow am I ready for the crazy Santa scare tactics of the Christmas season to be over! Is it just me... shouldn't kids be 'good' and kind and generous and listen to their elders, etc... just because... I tell them to! Hahaha!
I mean... just because it is the good and kind and right thing to do!
Believe me, I'm not exactly sure how to get them to this point of self want to do good but I am sure of what's not gonna get them there... empty Santa threats!

And don't even get me started on that damn Elf on a Shelf!
Oh ya... Merry Christmas!
I really do love the Christmas season... Really I do!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Jax has taken off!

He has taken his first steps!

Once I get a new computer I will upload a video, if my memory lets me, that is!
It is so cute the difference between Jax and Mya... maybe it's a boy vs. girl thing or maybe a dare devil vs. cautious thing.... either way Mya took cautious calculated steps where as Jax just goes for it! Usually getting 3 or 4 running steps in before falling flat on his nose! Biggest grin of pride on his face as he's picking himself up off the floor.
Yay Jax!
Looking forward to climbing adult sized mountains with you!
Love you, little dare devil!