Friday, November 28, 2014

The T's of three

Terrible and terrific!
Whomever labelled it the terrible twos was a year ahead of themselves. At least with our kids so far. When they are three they can talk and are really trying to express their own will... which has lead to some good temper tantrums in our house. And a lot of exerting their own will which is a real pain when I am trying to exert my will! That being said, it is also one of my favorite stages because they say the cutest things!

This morning, for example, Tristan was looking at his baby album. On the page of my belly pictures he says, why did you take a picture of your belly with no head?
Because I wanted a picture of my Tristan, when you were a tiny baby in my belly, I say.
His reply:
You look full enough, Mom. Why did you eat me?

I am still laughing... three year olds are adorable!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

You know it's time to clean...

... your oven, when your fire alarm goes off and your kids run to the table and inquire what's for dinner tonight?

I've heard stories that at some people's houses when the fire alarm goes off the kids cover their ears and cry because they don't know what that terribly loud noise is. Or at some places, the kids run for the door ready to practice that month's fire drill.

Then there's our house. The fire alarm goes off and the kids think I've sounded the dinner bell and turned on that awesome fog machine that most other kids only get to experience at dance parties. Wow is our Mom cool. Even the babies don't cry anymore.
I've tried to stress, that if the alarm goes off in the middle of the night then that means you need to get yourself outside and meet at the wagon wheels. But I know they'll probably rub the sleep out of their eyes, groggily wonder why Mom's serving dinner in the middle of the night and then get themselves to the table.

At least it's near the door, I suppose!

Monday, November 17, 2014


Overheard yesterday, while I was getting Mya and Jax ready for bed and the others were still finishing up dinner:

Clayton: Shayla, get back up to your spot and finish your dinner, please.

Shayla: Hey! How did you know I was behind you?

Clayton: Because I can see everything.

Shayla: How? Do you have 2 eyes on the back?

Clayton: Maybe.

Shayla: No, you don't have 2 eyes!

Clayton: Yes, actually, I do.

Tristan: No Dad! Silly! You have 5 eye!

Clayton: Yup, Tristan, that's why they call me 5 eyes!