Tuesday, January 21, 2014


We have a couple books that are illustrated with clay.  Shayla is always very interested in how they get the play dough into the book like that.  So we created our own Claymation story, took pictures, printed it off and made a book.  Here it is:
The Adventures of June and Feea
By Shayla and Mommy
One sunny day, June, the ladybug was out for a walk.

All of a sudden, a big rock was rolling towards her.
She ran for cover under a beautiful flower.

Hiding under the flower was her friend, Feea, the snail.
They decided to follow the stepping stones and go exploring.

They came to a huge rolling rock that they had to climb on.

So June jumped on top and Feea jumped on the side because
she was slow.

On the other side of the rock was an apple. June and Feea
were hungry.

So they each took a big bite of the yummy apple.

Out of nowhere, rain started to fall. It was a stormy day.
Feea jumped on a sailboat.

Meanwhile, June found a shelter. Feea joined her friend and they
stayed safe and warm. Finally Feea`s Mom came to the shelter
and helped the girls find their way back home.
The End

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Little Mr. Sunshine

Little Mr. Jax
He loves to smile.
And even when he is fussy he just seems happier than Mya as he cannot be heard over her blood curdling screams!
They had their shots on Thursday and he barely cried.
Mya of course sounded like someone had cut off her right arm.
'Wow she really did not like that,' says the health nurse.
Nope she didn't but then again she often sounds like that for many things...
Such as:
When she is done laying on the floor.
When she is a teensy bit hungry.
When you pick her up too fast.
When you leave her a few minutes too long in the crib after she has woken up.
When you dress her in green and she feels like wearing pink. ;)
(She has this twin thing figured out!)
Oh wait... wasn't this post suppose to be about Jax.
Sorry buddy.
I guess it's your lot in life... until you learn to be a little more loud and demanding.
4 months old and they weigh:
Jax: 15lbs 7oz
Mya: 13lbs 4 oz 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Little Miss on the Move!

Miss Mya
Smiling, sitting in the bumbo and now rolling!
She rolled, about a week ago, from her back to her front and then rolled directly onto her back again.  Then, a few minutes later, she did it again!
Ever since then, if you lay her on the floor, she is rolling!
I have never seen a baby pick up the rolling thing so quickly and with such dedication.
We've got a mover on our hands!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The kind of gift you would think an Aunty without children would give!

Well at least it wasn't a recorder this time Aunty Corrine!

Thanks to that lovely fart gun that Tristan got for Christmas, things like this are heard throughout our house all day long:

Loud, long and wet sounding farts... did I mention...all day long.

A lot of Peeewwws!  Followed but uncontrollable giggling.

Mom, Mom don't look I am just hiding this fart gun behind you.  Followed by loud, long and wet sounding farts.  Followed by Peeewww Mom.  Followed by giggling.

Then there are the things that the lovely fart gun have given me the opportunity to say:

Tristan, please stop sounding that fart gun so close to Mya's head.

Shayla and Tristan please share the fart gun. 

Okay, who left the fart gun right there?

Can someone please put this fart gun away in the fart gun storage area. The garbage.

No, I don't know where there fart gun is.

Stop fighting over the fart gun.  Just give your Dad a turn, okay!

Monday, January 6, 2014

-20 and a 3 hour nap...

...equals a great opportunity for a lot of crafting for Tristan, Shayla and Mama!
Just the kind of crafters I like to work with... ones who don't strive too hard for perfect, just artistic perfection.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy 2014!

This is the first year I haven't gone out to my parents at some point over the holidays.  It did feel a little different and I was sad to miss the family get togethers, especially the snowmobiling and tobogganing fun that is usually had.  Mother nature went and made it easier for me... there was actually some really nice days out here.  There was sun... although there is often sun... this time it was accompanied with warmish weather and no wind.  Unheard of!  ;)
So we got outside quite a bit.

Starting with two days of sledding and snowball fights with Riley and Zoe over Christmas on the little hill behind our house.

Then we were invited out to a friends place for some ice fishing and skating fun!  That was a colder day but we still had a great time.  Jax slept the whole time in the car, making it much easier for me.  And Mya woke up but then went back to sleep!  No fish were caught but everyone had a good time.

Then we successfully went swimming with 4 kids at the leisure centre.  Very little crying occurred and no body sucked up too much water... so that just makes any outing with kids more fun!

Then there were two really nice days where Shayla and I put on our cross country skis and Tristan hopped on the toboggan I was pulling and went for a ski in the field out back.  Shayla joined Tristan on the toboggan for most of it, so I got quite the workout!

And yesterday... yesterday was truly unheard of, my kids spent 5 hours outside!  3 hours in the morning sledding on the little hill behind our house, skiing again and then playing in the climbing tree with the neighbours.  Then 2 more hours in the afternoon when their cousin, Megan arrived and wanted to go sledding too!  It was awesome!

And today was going to be the final harrah in our week of outdoor fun before the cold weather hit again.  The plan was to go to Elkwater and go skiing and tobogganing and have a picnic lunch by the woodstove in the little cross country ski hut.  I was excited, so when I woke up to blowing snow, yucky weather and Clayton doing his best to deter me, I was disappointed. Especially when Tristan ran around the house waking up the girls and Megan says, 'I think he's excited to go to Elkwater!'  Darn.
And sensible Clayton actually won out today, I guess packing up 5 kids, making a picnic lunch, packing up all the gear and enduring windy cold weather and roads with twin babies did just seem like a little much.
I knew Shayla would be totally fine with not going, although she does enjoy the outside... she pretty much has to with this Mom... she would definitely pick shopping and a movie over an outdoor activity every time! (Proving that children are just born with built in personalities, likes and dislikes!)
So I was kind of surprised when I went into the bedroom and told the girls that it was just to cold and windy to go to Elkwater today and Shayla says, 'But I want to go to Elkwater.'
I was like, 'You want to go to Elkwater?  Me too Shayla, I am disappointed too.'
'No, Mom,' she says, 'I DON'T want to go to Elkwater.  You can just go by yourself.  Megan and I just want to play barbies.  But you can take Tristan!'
Hahahahaha!  I had just miss heard her!

Anyhow... had such a great Christmas holiday.  So glad we got to enjoy some great weather for all the outdoor fun!

PS. Tristan and I are going to brave the weather and head outside here shortly... cause that kid will pick the outdoor activity every time!