Friday, December 19, 2014

You know you should have left the Christmas concert when...

...your 15 month old twins had just sat through the hour long program like perfect angels and you were feeling on top of the parenting world! Immediately then is when you should have left.

Not after your 40 month old has taken a tumble while running across the stage and as you are holding him, mouth bleeding and screaming he has to pee right now, you notice out of the corner of your eye one of your 15 month olds fall down the crack at the back of the stage. You really want to take your 40 month old to the bathroom to clean up the blood and avoid being peed on but you are not sure you should leave while your 403 month old husband is having trouble fishing your 15 month old daughter out from behind the stage and you don't even know where your 15 month old son is. Oh there he is scaling a stack of chairs. Thankfully, you see a friend, shout to her to watch your 15 month old climbing pro star and make a mad dash through the people, all gasping, hands over their mouth, did you see that baby just fall behind the stage?! 

Ya whose baby was that? Parents these days!

And while you are in the bathroom hiding cleaning up your 40 month old, some kind lady, who has teenage twins, comes in to see if you both are alright. So nice. Although now you have to emerge from the bathroom, where you were, blissfully, only responsible for the health and welfare of one child, back into the crazy, 4 children, 2 of which are twin toddlers, world of responsibility.

It takes all your will power not to run out the door with your one child!

Should have left the Christmas concert when...

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Oh Santa

This conversation happened while we were driving the other day:

Tristan: Why are you stopping, Mom?

Shayla: Because that big, red sign means you have to stop!

Tristan: Oooooh yes.

Me: The stop sign is there because we are coming up to another road and it keeps us safe, so we don't hit into another car, right?

Shayla: Ya, it's the rule and if you don't follow the rule Santa won't bring you any gifts, Tristan.

Tristan: Ooooooh yes!

Me: Uh huh. But more importantly, you stop so that you can look both ways and make sure no cars are coming and it is safe for you to go.

Shayla: And you really want Santa to bring you presents, right Tristan?

Me: I'm really NOT sure what SANTA has to do with this? You STOP so that you don't CRASH into another car and DIE!

Ok ok... I might have added the last two lines for effect, but wow am I ready for the crazy Santa scare tactics of the Christmas season to be over! Is it just me... shouldn't kids be 'good' and kind and generous and listen to their elders, etc... just because... I tell them to! Hahaha!
I mean... just because it is the good and kind and right thing to do!
Believe me, I'm not exactly sure how to get them to this point of self want to do good but I am sure of what's not gonna get them there... empty Santa threats!

And don't even get me started on that damn Elf on a Shelf!
Oh ya... Merry Christmas!
I really do love the Christmas season... Really I do!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Jax has taken off!

He has taken his first steps!

Once I get a new computer I will upload a video, if my memory lets me, that is!
It is so cute the difference between Jax and Mya... maybe it's a boy vs. girl thing or maybe a dare devil vs. cautious thing.... either way Mya took cautious calculated steps where as Jax just goes for it! Usually getting 3 or 4 running steps in before falling flat on his nose! Biggest grin of pride on his face as he's picking himself up off the floor.
Yay Jax!
Looking forward to climbing adult sized mountains with you!
Love you, little dare devil!

Friday, November 28, 2014

The T's of three

Terrible and terrific!
Whomever labelled it the terrible twos was a year ahead of themselves. At least with our kids so far. When they are three they can talk and are really trying to express their own will... which has lead to some good temper tantrums in our house. And a lot of exerting their own will which is a real pain when I am trying to exert my will! That being said, it is also one of my favorite stages because they say the cutest things!

This morning, for example, Tristan was looking at his baby album. On the page of my belly pictures he says, why did you take a picture of your belly with no head?
Because I wanted a picture of my Tristan, when you were a tiny baby in my belly, I say.
His reply:
You look full enough, Mom. Why did you eat me?

I am still laughing... three year olds are adorable!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

You know it's time to clean...

... your oven, when your fire alarm goes off and your kids run to the table and inquire what's for dinner tonight?

I've heard stories that at some people's houses when the fire alarm goes off the kids cover their ears and cry because they don't know what that terribly loud noise is. Or at some places, the kids run for the door ready to practice that month's fire drill.

Then there's our house. The fire alarm goes off and the kids think I've sounded the dinner bell and turned on that awesome fog machine that most other kids only get to experience at dance parties. Wow is our Mom cool. Even the babies don't cry anymore.
I've tried to stress, that if the alarm goes off in the middle of the night then that means you need to get yourself outside and meet at the wagon wheels. But I know they'll probably rub the sleep out of their eyes, groggily wonder why Mom's serving dinner in the middle of the night and then get themselves to the table.

At least it's near the door, I suppose!

Monday, November 17, 2014


Overheard yesterday, while I was getting Mya and Jax ready for bed and the others were still finishing up dinner:

Clayton: Shayla, get back up to your spot and finish your dinner, please.

Shayla: Hey! How did you know I was behind you?

Clayton: Because I can see everything.

Shayla: How? Do you have 2 eyes on the back?

Clayton: Maybe.

Shayla: No, you don't have 2 eyes!

Clayton: Yes, actually, I do.

Tristan: No Dad! Silly! You have 5 eye!

Clayton: Yup, Tristan, that's why they call me 5 eyes!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

1st steps!

Mya took her first steps a week ago.
And now she is ready to run a marathon!
Ok, not quite. But, wow, is that girl dedicated to learning a new task!
If it continues the way she is going, she'll be done with that crawling thing in the next day or so and just be a full on walker!
Jax, on the other hand, is more into vertical movement.
As in climbing anything that he possibly can!
Sorry, no pictures.  I wish I could catch a few of his death defying moments on camera but I am just too busy catching Jax!
Like the other day, when I was making lunch and I hear him whining.  I look up and there he is dangling from the bookshelf! He had climbed up onto the kiddy table using the kiddy chair and was then apparently trying to scale the bookshelf, when he slipped. Thankfully, from all the climbing, that 13 month old has some upper body strength and was hanging on for dear life.
That's from my point of view.
To him, I am sure he was hanging on for the ride of his life.
As, when I set him back on the floor, he darted right back over to try again.
Needless to say the little chairs have been put away.
If it continues like this, we'll soon be furniture-less!
High-five crazy, quick learning, dare devil babies!

1st day of Playschool

Here is Tristan on his first day of playschool. 
This was almost a month ago... but better late than never, right!
He is really enjoying playschool.
He told me he likes the play dough, making puzzles and the playground!
What's not to like about that.

And his good buddy, Sam, goes too!
Even better!

Monday, October 6, 2014

'I don't know who signed me up for this anyhow'

The speaker of the above comment was Shayla.
And the this being school.

I hear ya girl.
I would have rather been out digging up a pasture, over run by burdock or shovelling chicken crap out through the beehive infested poop removal opening in the chicken coup or hand milking a young cow trying to establish a nasty kicking habit. Well, the third example I'd probably rather be doing over a long list of other things... cause I'm weird like that.

It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round and being of the outdoor, introvert, manual labour variety, school was not one of my favourite things. To say the least!

I suppose someone should tell her that she better settle into this, as she's got approximately 2875 days to go.

And I want to know too... who signed us up for this?!
Oh right, I did.

Homeschooling.... here we come??? ;)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Summer holiday

The temperatures have been in the high 20s here.  So why not keep posting about summer!
Here are some pictures of the holiday within our holiday.
With 8 children all 6 years old and under, it was one of those holidays.
You know, the kind where you need a holiday from your holiday!
We spent 3 nights at a boat in only, one bedroom cabin on Seaton lake.
The temperature reached 40. The cabin had one bedroom. It was a tight space and hot.
And a different holiday for our crew, a beachy holiday, with boating and swimming.
Looking at these pictures now... I remember it as a super fun time.  Looks relaxing even.
(Although, even as time passes, I do remember, relaxing it was not!)
Hiked to this awesome rope swing, that even Shayla, Megan and Farm Gramma went off of!
Spent lots of time at and in the water;
swimming, tubing, splashing, kayaking, chewing on rocks and napping!
Lots and lots of playing.
Some whining and fighting.
A lot of sweating.
A very untypical Gooch holiday.
We will have to go back one day, when the kids are older, and the adults can actually just sit around and relax! 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The birthday that never ends... goes on and on my friends!
This was Tristan's celebration for turning 3 years old.
Not extremely large but extremely long.
Near the end he was like, really another cake?
Then when it finally did end, the next day he was all, hello people, I'm sitting at the table, where's my cake already!
 Cake with the Gooches before Farm Gramma and Grampa left for their Northern Adventure.
 Cake with Great Gramma Gooch, the day before their birthdays. They were both born on August 13, just 80 years apart!
 Cake (or possibly ice cream) on his actual birthday in Golden, at the highest restaurant in Canada.
 Cake at Riley and Zoe's during a rest break there on our drive back home.
(See Tristan's expression... it's all, Seriously, another cake people!)
Cake with the Balaski family once we were back home.
See, he's a candle blowing pro!
My sweet little Tristan. Growing up so fast.
And he's starting to really use his manners.
Like the other day when I wiped his sticky fingers and I made sure to get in between each one.
He said, Thanks Mom for doing this... And then demonstrated me wiping between his fingers.
Good positive reinforcement Tristan, maybe your Mom will start wiping your hands more diligently!
Then later when I kissed him, he said, Thanks for kissing me, Mommy.
You're Welcome!
And after that he tooted.
Then he said, I tooted. And fell to the floor laughing uncontrollably.
Oops, maybe not the best manners... but appropriate.
He is a boy, after all!

The Greats

Those Great Grandmas are great!
 Great Grandma Hodgson

 Great Grandma Pinyon
Great Grandma Gooch

Friday, September 12, 2014

We did it!

This family made it through the first year of twinhood!!!
Happy Birthday to our sweet little babies!

Happy 1st Birthday Jax!

Happy 1st Birthday Mya!
Love you two so much!
Maybe I'll do the more detailed post later...
 At this moment everyone else is in the vehicle waiting for me, because....
We are going camping!
Yes, that is what people with 4 young children, two being 1 year old twins, do when it snows and is promising lows of -3!
Again Happy Birthday babies... 1 year old members of this crazy clan!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

1st day of school

Shayla's first day of kindergarten!

She was so excited. 
When I said I would meet her at the school and walk her to her class, she said, Mom I can just follow the other kids, you know.
What?! OK, I guess Mommy coming to the school is to help Mommy make it through the day, not Shayla! 
And wow, that was a bit longer of a break from blogging then I had intended. 
Hopefully I will get some summer pictures up here soon.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

More pictures

Here are some pictures from June.
We are headed to BC tomorrow so I wanted to clear up some space on my camera.
And while I was at it, put up one more picture post before I go.
Who knows how long it'll be before I get back on here.

Here are some fun things we did in June:
Had a great time camping, hiking and swimming at Writing on Stone

Jax got his first tooth. (Now he has 3!)

Mya did too. 
Same one as Jax, just can't see it what with her tongue always sticking out.

Had lots of fun at the Children's Festival, Shayla was up on stage again!

Tristan too. He got juggled by this guy! 
I missed it. :( But heard Tristan was quite the character.

Furball had kittens... 6 little cuties will be looking for a home in about 6 weeks.
We went to Sask. and had a fun weekend with Clayton's family...
remembered everything except my camera.

Hung out in the yard a lot.
Driving cars: tons of fun!


2 sets of twins... almost a year and 10 months!

Jax loves to eat.
Mya finds it here nor there.

Hanging out in swings from Aunty Joyce.

While Mom weeds the garden.

Went to the pool with this crew.

Cool dudes!

The Hodgson cousins

Our darling boys.

Our sweet girls.

The twins help themselves to some chips.
Have a fun filled July!