Monday, September 30, 2013

Double double trouble!

Now that's a lot of babies!
Our good friends, Scott and Christine, had twin girls two months before us.
There must have been something in the water!
Take away one baby and add two big brothers.
So sweet!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Those bossy older sisters!

I hear ya Tristan... those bossy older sisters... they are so bossy!  And mainly their bossiness is a pain in your backside.  But believe me Tristan once in a while their bossiness will come in very handy.

Like a few days ago when my B. O. S. said to me:

Kimberly, I just don't understand why you have never got professional pictures taken?  You love pictures.  You have family pictures up all over your house and you are the only person I know who is right up to date on scrap booking your family/life photos.

I know... I guess I'm just...

A tight ass!  Yeah I guess I already knew the answer to that.  So anyhow that is your baby gift from me... a newborn/family photo shoot.

And then she arrange the whole thing, told me when to show up, what to wear, what my kids should wear and then went ahead and made these outfits for Mya and Jax:
So adorable!  Bossy older sisters... rock! 
I, of course, was a little over whelmed and had anxiety about the whole thing.  And then my B. O. S. worked her magic and kept my 4 year old and 2 year old in check!  They listened so well!  Bossiness comes in handy again... that and bribery with candy!
I just got a sneak peek of a few of the pictures on facebook and they look so amazing!  I can't wait to see them all!
Thanks so much Corrine for making me do that!
B. O. S. rock!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Welcome babies!

Welcome Jax and Mya!
Born September 12... I had reached 39 weeks!
Mya Carley at 3:21pm 6lbs 14oz and 18.9 inches long
Jax Finley at 3:28pm 7lbs 2oz and 19 inches long
So there really was 14 pounds of baby in there!
But it was my shortest and easiest labour and delivery yet!  I almost enjoyed it!
We are so excited you two are here.
Shayla and Tristan are really enjoying holding the babies...
and having twins, they don't have to share!
Jax and Mya... love to cuddle.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Your babies will probably come between 36 and 38 weeks... because twins come earlier... HA! I knew better... Gooch babies don't come out early, they need the extra time inside to get gigantic!

I had my 38 week ultrasound today.
Baby A weighs 6lbs 4oz
Baby B weighs 6lbs 14oz
Plus or minus a pound she says...
if she wanted to make me feel better she should have left out the plus!
There was just too much baby in there for the tech to even be able to comment on the status of my cervix. Just because everyone was wondering and all!

Now these pictures were taken a few weeks ago, so I am probably noticeably bigger... but still... how do 14lbs of baby fit in there?
If my organs could talk they would tell you... not comfortably!

Kimberly: Due September Now!

My cousin Allise: Due October

My sister Vanessa: Due December
Bring on all the baby fun!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Still waiting... Tristan and I did some more preserving and harvesting.
And Shayla and Clayton went fishing.
Shayla didn't catch any fish but had a great time.
Tristan had a great time too... that boy loves to play cook and play in the sink
so scrubbing cucumbers and washing jars was right up his alley!

Then we all spent the afternoon outside.
Shayla and Tristan have been playing so happily together for hours now.
Days like today make me think 4 kids will be a piece of cake!
And then I remember yesterday and cringe at the thought. ;)