Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Double trouble

This made my week!
 It is the stroller Clayton bought Corrine when he had her name at Christmas a few years ago.
It was the wrong one.
So of course, at the time, we bugged him about it.
But then it worked out great when Corrine ran her dayhome.
And now with a few simple modifications and a strap from my old stroller, I have a double stroller that will work for the twins!
And all I had to do was a simple trade. 
(And Corrine gets the style of stroller she wanted in the first place.)
No new stroller had to be manufactured for only a years use!
No cash transaction had to take place.
Life is good.
And now I sound like a kijiji commercial! 
I love those commercials!
Nice work Clayton on a perfectly wrong purchase!
And I think he found the stroller on kijiji in the first place!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Last Thursday I went into the Hat for my 36 week ultrasound and to do some shopping.
Here is what part of my shopping list looked like:
  • Tristan - size 6 diapers
  • Twins - newborn diapers
  • Newborn sleepers
  • Wipes
  • Vitamin D drops
Then I went to my ultrasound where the lovely tech. told me that Baby A weighs 5 lbs 11 oz and Baby B weighs 6 lbs!  That is right on for a singleton weight she says.  And then she goes on to say, and sorry love but your cervix still looks nice and firmly shut.  So much for those small babies I thought I was bound to have!

Thankfully I hadn't done any shopping before my ultrasound because afterwards the list looked like this:
  • Tristan - size 6 diapers
  • Twins   newborn diapers
  • Newborn sleepers
  • Wipes
  • Vitamin D drops
Bring on the 8 pounders... but keep in mind babies that I then expect you to sleep through the night at a month old and every night after that while you still reside in this house!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Big belly = Tiny toes

Wow my belly is so big, it makes my feet look teeny weeny.
And I have really large feet.
(Of course I couldn't see my feet... I had to hold the camera out to get the shot.)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sharing a room!

Sharing a room has so far gone quite well!
We compromised on the bunk bed because Shayla really
wanted to keep her bed. 

We talked about how I shared, a bed even, with my sister(s)
and how much fun we had talking before we feel asleep.

At one point she said, Mom if Tristan wakes up in the night
I will just go cuddle with him so he feels better and you don't
have to because it's hard for you with your big belly.
So far she hasn't batted an eyelid when he's woken up and
fussed in the night.)

I think these new toy boxes also really helped!
Thanks to Ryan for his beautiful handiwork. 
And I finally finished Tristan's wall letters.
So yeah it's been great so far.
Even going to bed has been pretty easy most nights.
Probably because we have been putting Tristan to bed first
and waiting until he is asleep to put Shayla to bed.
Except tonight when I decided to try at the same time.
I thought they were both pretty tuckered out.
Guess not.
After singing many songs and laying with each kid and
coming back in the room a couple of times.  I finally said,
You can choose to stay awake for a bit or go to sleep but
Mom is shutting the door and not coming back in here.
I could hear both of them talking and moving around.
And then I heard Shayla start shouting for her Dad to come lay.
(Clayton, who was out in the garden, told me later that she was sticking
her hand out the window and everything.)
Tristan was shouting too.
After a while I couldn't really hear Shayla anymore just Tristan randomly making
 noise and toys crashing to the floor. There was no crying so I didn't go in right away but finally my curiosity got the better of me.
When I peeked in, there was Tristan standing up on the front of Shayla's bed playing with her toys.
I couldn't see Shayla anywhere.
As I got closer, I could see her cuddled under the covers, Tristan's feet straddling her head.
She was sound asleep!
Guess she won't be waking up in the night when Tristan's cries!

Oh and Happy 2nd Birthday Tristan
little nudist hippy who tried his darnedest
to strip down buck naked at the park
to run through the sprinklers.
 Love ya little buddy!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Good to be home...

...enjoying their morning 'cuppa' on the deck!
 Good to be home but nice to be gone too.
Here are a few pictures of our trip to BC.  We went to a family reunion and the kids had lots of fun playing games like sack races and cup stacking.  I had fun getting my babies painted on my belly by a little artist.  The kids also did lots of bike riding and swimming.
One of Shayla's favorite days was when we went spelunking, rock hunting and huckleberry picking.  I just love this place, can we come back here tomorrow please Mom, she said.  We had a nice visit with the lady with the little baby bump.  Then we celebrated an early birthday for Tristan on the actual birthday day of my twin uncles.  Tristan and Shayla hung out with their big buddies, my youngest cousins. 
We went fishing and Shayla caught her first fish... in BC no less!  Didn't Clayton say there are no fish in BC!  She was so excited.
I slept in a lot.  But no one came a took a picture of that. They were too busy looking after my kids!
It was a lovely trip.
But now we are back to reality and trying to get a little ready for the arrival of our babies!
Today is the big move day: Shayla and Tristan sharing a room.  When Shayla woke up this morning Tristan ran over and gave her a hug and she said, I just love my little brother, he is my best friend but I do not want him coming in my room, ever!  This is going to be interesting.
At least it was better then what she was saying yesterday when we were trying to prep them.
So here's to some successful room sharing!