Saturday, July 6, 2013

Worms and dirt!

This is a sure sign that you had fun outside!
I know from daily, personal experience as a child, right Mom?!
The funny part was when we started heading inside he was a little wet and a little muddy... then 2 minutes later, after I finished rounding up the other kids, Tristan opened the door and came in looking like this.
Looking good, buddy!

Just to clear this up from the start... that is NOT a booger on Shayla's nose.
How anyone could mistake that for a booger is unknown to her.
That was her new friend, Crawly, the caterpillar.
They were best friends for 5 minutes, until he fell onto the gravel and no one could find him due to his great camouflage.
(And possibly, also due to the fact that he may no longer have been moving very well... or at all.)
R.I.P. Crawly