Thursday, December 20, 2012

Maybe my husband should put his listening ears to use once in a while!

The other day I wrote Clayton a short grocery list to get us through until Saturday when we head out to my parents for Christmas.  When he arrived home at lunch with the items, I proceeded to make sandwiches.
'Is there lettuce?' He asked.
'No. I was thinking we could just use cucumber instead,' I replied. Then I searched through the bag for the cucumber.  Finding none, I had to inquire, 'So did you forget the cucumber?'
He just gave me an odd look, which I took to mean, Do you see a cucumber?  No? Then yes, I forgot the cucumber.  Get over it already!
So we ate the cucumber-less sandwiches.  They were fine.
A short while later I was off to the city to pick up a few last minute Christmas items.
As I was backing out of the garage I noticed something in my rear view mirror, it was laying in the snow directly behind my car.  I couldn't really make out what it was so I got out to investigate.
Low and behold it was a cucumber!
What the hell?
So I picked it up and took it into the house to ask Clayton what the hell? All the while feeling a little worried about Clayton's short term memory.  Like, he actually forgot that he had a bought a cucumber.  That can't be a good sign.
I step inside with the cucumber in hand.  And before I open my mouth Clayton says, 'What the hell?  Are you taking that with you in case you need a snack?'
'No!  It was laying out in the snow on the driveway.' I say in a very exasperated tone.
 'Oh. It must have fell out of the bag on my way in early.' He says nonchalantly.
'OK.  But then why didn't you say anything about it when I asked you where the cucumber was?'
'When did you ask me where the cucumber was?' He says, with a total deer in the head lights look on his face.
'Seriously? At lunch!  When I wanted cucumber on my sandwich!' 
'Oh.' He says with a shrug.
'Oh?  Really... that's all you have to say?'
'Well, that, and I've told you... I never listen to you!  I wasn't kidding.  Now you know!'  And he smiles.

Thank goodness!  My husband isn't losing his short term memory.  I can breath a sigh of relief. He just doesn't listen to me. Ever!
So... it's all good!

Well at least I know what to get Clayton for Christmas now... a brand new set of listening ears!
Ah... who am I kidding... we all know I am too cheap for that!  I'll just fix the old set with a good smack upside the head! ;)
And on that note...
Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yes, Shayla, we all have to breath!

OK here's a quick one.
The other day I was changing Tristan's poopy diaper.
Shayla pipes up, 'Oh gross! That smells yucky.'
'Yes, Shayla, poop smells.' I reply.
'It smells so gross!  Tristan's bum stinks.'  And she just kept going on and on.
So I thought maybe I could try and use this opportunity to teach about another great time to use your kind words.
'Shayla, it may smell bad, but you could try and not say anything unless you have kind words to say.'
'Well Mom, it just stinks!'
'Fine.  Yes it stinks.  But if it's bothering you so much... don't smell it!'
'But Mooooom, I HAVE TO BREATH!'
Her hands were on her hips and everything!
And that's when I put my hands on my hips and told the 13 year old to, 'Go breath somewhere else then!'

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas is coming...

... and I'm actually kind of ready!  Weird.

The kids have talked to the big red guy.  Check.
Posted a picture of Tristan's black eye on my blog... a Christmas must.  Check.

Shayla decorated an ice cream cone tree.  Check.

Went on a hayride and saw lots of Christmas lights with Grandma.  Check.

And check.

Wrapped presents.  Check.

Wrapped Clayton's present.  Check.

Took the kids Christmas picture in front of the really small traditional Gooch Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  Check.

Hope you're all as ready as I am!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Popcorn strings

This is the reason why people with toddlers should probably throw out popcorn strings that they made 5 years ago!

Either that... or just continue to let your toddler enjoy a presumably very stale snack!