Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Welcome kitties

Although this time around we're going to try and refer to them using their names.  Shayla named the grey and white one Chloe and Clayton named the orange one Disco. 
Chloe is farm gramma's cat's name and Megan laughed such a deep belly laugh when Shayla told her and then said to me, 'oh that silly Shayla.'  We might have to call her lil' Chloe... because Clayton really didn't like Guppie, which was Shayla's second choice. And I suppose I can't really talk as I had have a cabbage patch doll that is named Justin! 

Welcome to the family Disco and lil' Chloe! 
Sorry you came to a house with a day home... I'm sure you're still in shock!

Sidewalk chalk

Awe look at Megan and Shayla peacefully creating masterpieces together!

Their chalk shadows on the other hand... being typical Megan and Shayla!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Shayla just loves Loves LOVES gymnastics!  So we let her go THREE times on Megan's bring a friend day(s)!  Now if that isn't encouraging a child's dream than I don't know what is!  ;)
On the most recent bring a friend day Shayla spent the night at the lady who takes FIFTEEN children to gymnastics Corrine's house.
And after waking up from sleeping playing with princess dolls all night got to go with the herd to GYMNASTICS!!!  YAY!!!
And on the day Corrine had SIXTEEN kids she still managed to get some good video clips.
The following isn't my favorite but was short enough to upload and shows some great gymnastic talent!
My favorite was the one where Megan turns around and holds Shayla's hands so she can make it across the balance beam... but that might just be a Mom/Auntie thing. 

For gymnastic prowess the following clip is it!

Thanks again for taking Shayla, Corrine... 'cause she sure does love GYMNASTICS!!!
And I loved watching all the videos!

Friday, June 8, 2012


I was scared to come on here and see how long ago I posted!
And I am not prepared... I have nothing to say!
But now that I'm here, I had better post something... hey Vanessa!!!

Maybe I'll go look for a picture!

Or a few pictures... of our cute little man!

Love you Tristan!  Little cowboy... wearer of little hats... and push up pro!!!