Monday, January 30, 2012

If you have ever moved into a new house with a child this could happen to you...

...on our week long ski vacation where we stuffed 6 families... let me rephrase... 23 people, 11 of those under the age of 3... into one house.
And near the end of the mad chaos... I mean week of fun... Clayton mentions to Shayla that we will be heading home the next day.
To which Shayla says in shock...
'But we live here now Dad?!'

11 kids under the age of 3 ALL IN ONE HOUSE!!!
No Shayla... sorry to break it to you... we don't live here now!!! ;)

But I'd do it again...
In about a year... for about a week!!!

Fun times!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Those Daddies are sure tricky to put to bed!

Shayla's favorite new game is 'put Daddy to bed'!

It goes something like this:

Daddy come on I wanna put you to bed.

But I don't wanna go to beeeedddd.

Dad you listen to me. Come on Dad. Grabs his hand and drags him to the bedroom.

And I hear from the bedroom.
OK Dad, get into bed. Lay down, I'll tuck you in. Close your eyes. Just dream about Aunty Cream and Grayson.

And then she sings Row row row your boat as she leaves the room.

She runs over to me with a finger to her lips and says, shush Mom Dad is sleeping. You and Tristan are being too loud!

Then she turns her head as if she hears something... oh I better go check on him.

On next time back out of the room she shouts back, Say come lay.

So Clayton says, Come lay!

And Shayla shouts back, NO! I won't come lay. I already kissed you and I won't come lay. You go to sleep!

Man those Daddies are tricky ones to get to sleep! :)

Tonight there was a new development.

She comes running out and says to me, Come give Daddy a kiss.

OK go tell him in a few minutes, I say.

She delivers the message and then returns with a slightly change demand.

Mommy come give Daddy a french kiss!

Tell him maybe he'll get an Eskimo kiss... if he's lucky!

Note: I'm pretty sure she tells him to dream about Aunty Cream because I tell her to dream about jumping on the trampoline with Megan. Unless there is something I don't know about going on!!! :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Just cause some of us don't like kite flying...

... Yeah Tristan I am talking about you! What? Breathing is a big part of your ability to have fun?!!! That's why you stay in out of that crazy wind while the rest of us go kite flying. OK I'll let it slide for now... but one day you better buck up mister! Breathing is very over-rated you know! ;)

What a cutie hey!

Also I posted this video so one day Shayla can say to me, "Moooommmmm... for real? You posted a video of me picking my nose! Nice. Real nice."

Or am I totally living the teenage dream? And really it'll sound more like this: "MOM! How could you? That is so embarrassing. You ruined my life. I hate you." Door slams in my face.

And I thought 2 year olds were trouble. Just writing I hate you made me sad. She'll never hate me... right? RIGHT!!!

Deep breath.
OK Kimberly we have a few years until we have to cross that bridge.
Just settle down now.

OK Tristan maybe breathing isn't that over-rated!!! :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh go fly a kite!

Oops... I mean Happy 2012!
And seriously... go fly a kite!

I can't believe it is going into my 8th year of full-time prairie living and it has taken me this long to figure out something fun to do in the horrible, god-for-saken, never ending wind!
Kite flying is fun! Who knew?!
Or wait maybe all you flatlanders did know... you just never realized your hillbilly friend didn't.

Because kite flying in my childhood involved a lot more running... mostly running and very little actual flying. And if your kite did actually make it into the air you never really got to watch it swoop and dance because you were running your ass off trying to keep it up there!

Kite flying in the prairies is WAY better then kite flying in the mountains!

I had so much fun I am thinking of taking up kite boarding. So someone reading this blog should buy me a trainer kite for kite boarding. I know this someone I am talking about is probably thinking... seriously like you need another activity. But think about it... this is something I could just walk out my front door and do. Think how much easier this would make life for you... if I was entertained by something so close to home! ;)

Oh yeah and I think Shayla had fun too!
When Clayton came home for lunch it was the first thing she said to him. And then we had to go out and show him...

Did you see that... did ya? did ya? The kite just hits the ground and then the wind picks it right back up and off it goes swooping and diving again. Craziest, easiest, most fun I have ever had flying a kite!!!