Thursday, December 20, 2012

Maybe my husband should put his listening ears to use once in a while!

The other day I wrote Clayton a short grocery list to get us through until Saturday when we head out to my parents for Christmas.  When he arrived home at lunch with the items, I proceeded to make sandwiches.
'Is there lettuce?' He asked.
'No. I was thinking we could just use cucumber instead,' I replied. Then I searched through the bag for the cucumber.  Finding none, I had to inquire, 'So did you forget the cucumber?'
He just gave me an odd look, which I took to mean, Do you see a cucumber?  No? Then yes, I forgot the cucumber.  Get over it already!
So we ate the cucumber-less sandwiches.  They were fine.
A short while later I was off to the city to pick up a few last minute Christmas items.
As I was backing out of the garage I noticed something in my rear view mirror, it was laying in the snow directly behind my car.  I couldn't really make out what it was so I got out to investigate.
Low and behold it was a cucumber!
What the hell?
So I picked it up and took it into the house to ask Clayton what the hell? All the while feeling a little worried about Clayton's short term memory.  Like, he actually forgot that he had a bought a cucumber.  That can't be a good sign.
I step inside with the cucumber in hand.  And before I open my mouth Clayton says, 'What the hell?  Are you taking that with you in case you need a snack?'
'No!  It was laying out in the snow on the driveway.' I say in a very exasperated tone.
 'Oh. It must have fell out of the bag on my way in early.' He says nonchalantly.
'OK.  But then why didn't you say anything about it when I asked you where the cucumber was?'
'When did you ask me where the cucumber was?' He says, with a total deer in the head lights look on his face.
'Seriously? At lunch!  When I wanted cucumber on my sandwich!' 
'Oh.' He says with a shrug.
'Oh?  Really... that's all you have to say?'
'Well, that, and I've told you... I never listen to you!  I wasn't kidding.  Now you know!'  And he smiles.

Thank goodness!  My husband isn't losing his short term memory.  I can breath a sigh of relief. He just doesn't listen to me. Ever!
So... it's all good!

Well at least I know what to get Clayton for Christmas now... a brand new set of listening ears!
Ah... who am I kidding... we all know I am too cheap for that!  I'll just fix the old set with a good smack upside the head! ;)
And on that note...
Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yes, Shayla, we all have to breath!

OK here's a quick one.
The other day I was changing Tristan's poopy diaper.
Shayla pipes up, 'Oh gross! That smells yucky.'
'Yes, Shayla, poop smells.' I reply.
'It smells so gross!  Tristan's bum stinks.'  And she just kept going on and on.
So I thought maybe I could try and use this opportunity to teach about another great time to use your kind words.
'Shayla, it may smell bad, but you could try and not say anything unless you have kind words to say.'
'Well Mom, it just stinks!'
'Fine.  Yes it stinks.  But if it's bothering you so much... don't smell it!'
'But Mooooom, I HAVE TO BREATH!'
Her hands were on her hips and everything!
And that's when I put my hands on my hips and told the 13 year old to, 'Go breath somewhere else then!'

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas is coming...

... and I'm actually kind of ready!  Weird.

The kids have talked to the big red guy.  Check.
Posted a picture of Tristan's black eye on my blog... a Christmas must.  Check.

Shayla decorated an ice cream cone tree.  Check.

Went on a hayride and saw lots of Christmas lights with Grandma.  Check.

And check.

Wrapped presents.  Check.

Wrapped Clayton's present.  Check.

Took the kids Christmas picture in front of the really small traditional Gooch Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  Check.

Hope you're all as ready as I am!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Popcorn strings

This is the reason why people with toddlers should probably throw out popcorn strings that they made 5 years ago!

Either that... or just continue to let your toddler enjoy a presumably very stale snack!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Photoshoot with the grand...

... PARENTS: Always an interesting experience! ;)
Actually they both sat pretty still, kept their eyes open the majority of the time and for the most part behaved rather well.  Until the last picture, that is, when Farm Grampa apparently started to feel a little famished and tried to eat one of the grandchildren!
The very first picture... not bad!

A few pictures in... Tristan is too cool for school.

Many many picture in... finally the winning picture!

What's that little saying...
 a picture is worth a thousand words!

Logan sat nice for every picture...
he must have been using his listening ears!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Poo... funny after all!

The other day, after I got the kids in bed, I sat down at the laptop, opened up the screen and there was my blog... on a post from 2011!  What?  Does Clayton randomly read my old blog posts?!
Turns out he does.
Which kind of surprised me.  And made me happy as well!
His response... why wouldn't I?
I knew it!  Clayton does find poo funny!!!
Anyhow the screen was left on this post about an unfortunate circumstance that my sister found herself in once upon a time!
Since it was there, staring me in the face, I read it and laughed.
And of course I had to read the comments... all 11 of them... that's like a Kimberbucket record!  By number 11 I was laughing out loud.

I love the following comment. Hence why I am posting it! 
Plus it made me think about how the focus of this blog has switched from Clayton to our children.  Does this mean Clayton has stopped doing blog worthy things?  Highly unlikely... although that being said I can't think of a single thing to roast him about at this exact moment!  Damn the Mommy brain! And possibly the more important question: Is Clayton happy about the shift or did he like being the star of Kimberbucket?!!!

Anyhow enough rambling... here's the comment:

NOT shit cramp girl lol said...
What the heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought there was going to be a cute picture of Meg on here with an accompanying humorous rabbit story - - - and I am blind sided by this! I am much too lady like to be the sister in this story - you must mean Vanessa! LOL Thanks for posting Kimberly and would you mind telling Clayton to do something stupid so the focus can return to the husband!!! =)
2 March, 2011 10:16 PM

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The jam fiasco

Prologue:  Strawberries and raspberries are now pretty much the center of Clayton's my life!  After all the hard work of transplanting, pruning, weeding, watering, picking, de-stemming, freezing and processing in the summer of 2011... I wasn't sure it had all been worth it.  Until we enjoyed endless amounts of delicious fruit all winter, spring and right until there were fresh berries ready to pick again! 
You see I am a saver.  Most of you probably know that. 
Trying to use a little bit here and a little bit there... so it stretches out as long as possible. 
But with so much fruit in the freezer there was no need to be frugal! 
And it was wonderful... splendid... life changing even!!!

Then this past summer we transplanted most of the strawberries and we didn't get near the same glorious amount for this winter's use.

I was devastated.

Broken hearted I went back to counting out the berries for my morning smoothies again.

The Jam Fiasco:
Last weekend I was spreading some raspberry jam on my toast yet again and wishing that I still had some strawberry left... not that raspberry isn't yummy... I'm just a strong believer in wanting desperately what you can't have.
Anyhow, suddenly I had a moment of crazy, irrational behaviour... I decided to make some strawberry jam!  Dig into my limited supply of berries... for jam!  Yikes.  Daring.  Radical even.  It was like the winter of '11 all over again!

And of course being my mother's daughter I decided if I was getting all the stuff out to make jam... then I was making jam gosh darn it... go big or go home!

So I had two double batches going on the stove; one strawberry and one apple raspberry.

It was going well.  My mouth was salivating.  The pectin was in. The sugar was in.  I was stirring.  The berries were boiling.

Then all of sudden it looked like the apple raspberry was really thickening up... like maybe too thick.  So I had a closer look at the strawberry.  Yup.  Oh no!  Not thickening at all.

And then I proceeded to have a full on 2 year old temper tantrum.
If you don't believe me, just ask my Mom whom I called during it... but who I am kidding... of course you believe that!

I scream something about sacrificing precious strawberries to have some strawberry jam and now its all ruined and my life is basically over.
Then I second third guess myself... maybe it's alright?  Maybe my brain isn't mush and I did pour the pectin into the correct pots.
I take a few deep breaths.
Then shout again.  Nope not thickening.... yup too thick!  It's all gone to hell.  How could I have been so reckless with my limited berry supply.  Stupid. StuPid. STUPID!

At which time I receive some good advice from my daughter, Mom, Mom just calm down Mom.  Just take some breaths.  Use your kind words.
I choose to ignore her.
What does she know anyhow... she's only 3!

I phone my Mom.
Mom says, Well if you did put all the pectin in one pot then one batch will be really runny and one will be rock hard.  Your best bet is to mix them together.
I hang up on her. 
What does she know anyhow... she's like 50 something!

I waaaaaaaaant some straight up strawberry jaaaaaaaaaam!
I used a large portion of my berries for this... I AM GETTING SOME STRAWBERRY JAM.  Not none of this mixed berry...  I already have 14 jars of that from a certain wedding!  Well excuse me... I thought we were suppose to take 3 and a half jars per person! 

Then Clayton walks in and smacks me up the side of the head tells me to smarten up. 
So I heed some of the earlier advice: 
I phone my Mom back and use my kind words. 
Then I pour... some... not all... of the strawberry jam into the apple raspberry. 
This way I can still get a few jars of strawberry jam.  And I follow the directions for long boil jam (making jam without pectin).  After boiling what is left of straight strawberry for 40 minutes I pour some nice thick looking strawberry jam into three little jars.

And the hellish day of jam making is finally over.

And I think it worked out OK in the end.  The apple raspberry strawberry jam should be a nice consistency and will be delicious.
And I still got three jars of wonderful strawberry jam... I won't even care if they are a little runny!

So tonight I wanted something yummy to snack on... and I thought about the strawberry jam.  That was it... that would curb this craving  A piece of toast, spread with a good layer of some yummy homemade strawberry jam. 
I opened the jar.
My mouth was watering.
I dipped my knife in to get a scoop.
My knife almost bounced off it was so rock hard.
It was so rock hard it cracked me up! ;) I laughed and laughed. 
I have never seen jam that hard.  I tried sawing some off and laying the little hard chunks onto my toast.
And of course I ate it.
It wasn't very good.
But I pretended to like it because those were my precious strawberries I had wasted used.
Atleast I didn't throw a tantrum this time.

So as it turned out I had poured the pectin into both pots as directed.  And I guess the long boil method does work as well.  And I'm guessing this particular strawberry jam is going to be the last jars left sitting all alone on the basement shelf!

The moral of this story to the readers: Don't second guess yourself.

The moral of this story to Kimberly: Don't second guess yourself but more importantly: Stop throwing temper tantrums.  Seriously.

Monday, November 12, 2012

We have a pack rat in our house!

And his name is Tristan!
He likes to make train soup.
I find things everywhere.  Often its the missing phone or a remote!

 Still cute... but a little annoying to fish out items that get stuck. 

um... the lid of my salad spinner in the dirty diaper pail... OK not as cute!


 Mr. Mischievous himself.
And all this happens in a matter of 10 minutes.
That's my boy! 
May as well keep yourself busy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My teacher taught me that!

A couple of weeks ago I had a day with no extra kids, so Tristan stayed at Gramma's while Shayla and I went on a lunch date to the bakery.
We had almost finished our food when Shayla noticed the untouched pickle still on my plate.
Mom you should eat your pickle.
I don't really want it... would you like it Shayla?
She grabs the large pickle slice and then notices the stem is still attached.
Hey! What is that doing still there? I'll get it, she says as she tries gnawing it off, with no success.
She takes the pickle from her mouth and studies it. And I can immediately tell a great idea has just popped into her head. She puts the whole stem in her mouth and bites farther down on the soft pickle. I presume she will then spit it onto her plate. But I am mistaken. She chews and chews and chews until she has that hard stem swallowed.
And then says,
You know why I ate the stem of the pickle? 'Cause my teacher said bite your stem and get it in your throat!
Did she now? Alright maybe she believes deeply in waste not want not. I can see that... it's a good motto. I'll give your teacher that one.

Then a few days ago Clayton had returned from hunting and Shayla had asked him if he shot any reindeer and we explained that Daddy doesn't hunt for reindeer because we don't eat reindeer and please don't going saying that to any other young children. That evening I was helping her into her pajamas and she said, Thank you dear, to me and then we both laughed. Then she said, I called you dear because reindeer we don't eat because they have rain chops on them. To keep them dry. My teacher taught me that!
Really? Didn't your father and I just talk to you this morning about how we don't eat reindeer. OK... maybe they teach about the rain chop thing at school these days. I don't know what's in the curriculum... so I'll give your teacher that one too.

But then we were at my sister's and Mom and I were out with the kids playing in the snow. Megan and Shayla were taking turns with the kid skis. They were both doing quite well.
Farm Gramma had been complimenting them both. It was Shayla's turn again on the little hill and she slid with the skis by herself and made it to the bottom still upright. And I was thinking how much skill she had retained from all the skiing we did last year.
Wow, said Gramma, who taught you to ski so well, Shayla?
Last year's Whitefish ski trip pops into my head where I spent 2 half days on the bunny hill with Shayla because she was enjoying it so much. And I was so enjoying seeing her enjoy herself. And we got in a few days of x-country skiing when the snow permitted. I ended up mostly pulling her with the poles because apparently the thrill of downhill already ruined her for x-country. That was a workout! And here she is retaining some of the things that I taught her... bend your knees, skis pointed forward, look where you want to go. I was a proud Mama.
Oh, says Shayla, my teacher taught me that!
And I'm thinking, yeah I know honey, I also enjoyed... WHAT? YOUR TEACHER... your teacher taught you that??? You didn't even know what a teacher was last winter!

3 days of playschool and Mom's already chop liver! ;)

(Good thing she really does has a really great teacher!)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween fun!

The fun started on the weekend with Grayson birthday party and the Halloween family dance.
Shayla changed her mind about being purple grapes... why would you want to be grapes when you could be a princess!!!
At least she put it on for a picture!

Farm Grampa having a snack on green grapes.
Farm Gramma holding what's left of the stem.
The princess has a dance with the peasant.
Costume change: Rapunzel with Ariel brushing all that hair!

Cute boy.

 BIBB Halloween party... and this is still missing about 10 little ones!
Trick or treating at Gramma Anne's. 
And now I see where Shayla gets her 'cheese' face from!
Uncle Aaron and the Lion

 Great Gramma Hodgson
 Halloween treats:
Apple and marshmallow teeth
Banana and white chocolate ghosts

Well it was a lot of fun. 
But this Mom and dayhome provider is glad Halloween is over!
4 days and 16 carved pumpkins
3 days of making Halloween treats with kids
4 kids Halloween parties
And trick or treating
Equals one exhausted Kimberly!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First day of Playschool

Backpack loaded and all ready to go!

Being a goofball... as usual.

Outside the school.

Yay, painting!  See ya later Mom!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

There's just no arguing with kid logic!

Today we, myself and my day home kids, biked into St. Mikes school to play at the playground there before picking up Shayla from playschool.  On the way in, one child in particular, kept mentioning how looooooong a ride it was.
Once we got into town, the said child started pointing to houses, 'You should live here.'

And I would reply, 'Oh, why is that?'

'Cause it would be a waaaaaay shorter ride.'

Then we would pass another house.
'Oh wait, maybe you should live here!'

'Oh, in this house?  Why... because it is so big?'

'No, 'cause it would be a reaaaaally short ride to the school!'
And on it went.
Until we got to the school and turned into the parking lot to head to the playground equipment.
That's when the child shouted excitedly, 'Hey look! We can ride our bikes around here!'  And then proceeded to bike around in circles for the next few minutes while the rest of us played on the jungle gym!

See, you just can't win with that kind of logic!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Vanessa and Jeryn tied the knot!

Here is the last wedding gift quilt I will ever make!
OK... maybe if I am still quilting in 20 years I'll make one for Shayla and Tristan. 

Jeryn and Vanessa Wolfe, October 7, 2012 in beautiful Lillooet, BC

The theme of the weekend was Hippies vs. Rednecks
The Hodgsons:
Hippies: Kimberly and Shayla
Rednecks: Clayton and Tristan
Notice Tristan has a handlebar mustache just like his Dad!

Wow the quilt looks really good in such a beautiful setting and surrounding by all those beautiful people!
Congrats Vanessa and Jeryn!
We had a great time and are so happy you are finally married!  :)
Shayla and Tristan are eagerly awaiting the arrival of some little Wolfelings to play with!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A conversation overheard recently

Set up:
Shayla and Clayton were having some cuddle time on the couch.  Shayla was sitting on his lap.

Shayla: Oh oh. I'm really trying Daddy.

Clayton: Trying what Shayla?

Shayla: I am trying not to toot on your leg.  I hold it! (Scrunches up her face.)

Clayton: (Chuckling) Oh thanks.  But why are you trying so hard to hold it in?

Shayla: Because you think that toots smell yucky like stinky poop poop gross yuck fart!

Clayton: (Really chuckling) Right.  Yeah that about sums it up!

As I write this Shayla is traveling out to Farm Gramma's with Corrine and crew.  And now I miss her even more.  Which Clayton kindly pointed out that... finally I am getting a taste of my own medicine!  Try a whole summer Kimberly!

The whole summer... come on that's a little bit of an exaggeration.  The longest stretch was not even 3 weeks!
But Shayla has not even been gone a full 24 hours and it feels like forever.
OK I'll give it to you Clayton.
Sorry I do that to you.
Really sorry.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Here's lookin' at you kid!

Do you ever get the feeling that all eyes are on you?

Hope you're not reading this in your underwear or picking your nose... cause they're watching you! 
Dyllan and Shayla and their googly eyed monster family.
Those girls are so cute... and creative!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Welcome little baby Logan!

Logan William.
Sept.6. 9lbs 12oz.
Okay... maybe not so little!

Shayla admiring her newest cousin at the hospital.

Mom, big sister and littlest brother.
Logan... get use to the cuddles.
And love tackles from a certain older brother
...who would not get in this picture!
Welcome baby Logan! 
You look tiny to me. 
Can't wait to watch you grow up and get to know you. 
All our love and hugs.

Monday, September 10, 2012

My Dad

I was uploading my pictures from the summer and came across this one of my Dad.
It was taken on our hike up Fountain Ridge.
I think it captures the essence of my Dad perfectly! 
Absolutely love it!

(I suppose I should have used the character... if his gotee was braided then
the essence would have been the perfect phrase!)