Thursday, December 22, 2011


Oh the things kids say and do!

Here's one from my sister's household:
Shayla, Tristan and I were up for a visit when Corrine's family was decorating their Christmas tree. Megan was going through the box of stockings and picking out each family members... this is Dad's, right Mom?... this is Moms... and Grayson's... She still hadn't found hers. She kept digging through the box and pushing aside the bright pink Zoe, from Seasame Street huge head on a slipper style stocking that she picked out herself last year.
Finally she gave up and looked up at her Mom, "Where's my stocking Mommy?"
"Right there honey, the Zoe one."
Megan picks it up, gives it a funny look and says, "No, that's silly!"
"Well you picked it out yourself last year, honey."
Megan gives it another looks, picks it up and says tentively, "Oh right."
Apparently what is cool when you are 3 is NOT what is cool when you are 4!!!

And here's one from our household:
We are sitting around the table eating dinner and Shayla looks over at me and out of the blue says, "I want to touch your bum."
"Pardon, Shayla?" I says as I think I have heard her wrong.
"I want to touch your bum, the one on your neck."
Thanks honey! I'm glad you don't want to touch my lower bum but am slightly dissappointed that the one on my neck stands out that much!
Unibrow and bum chin... some people get all the good facial features... try not to be too jealous OK!

Have a very Merry Christmas and blog to you in the new year!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nipping inefficiency in the bud

We always did Christmas crafts with Mom when we were kids. Making candy necklaces was one of my favorites. And feels to me like something to do at Christmas... even though I guess it's not all that Christmasy!
Shayla seemed to have fun doing the project and even more fun waking up from her nap and consuming the whole necklace in one sitting!

And because the kids I am looking after all come on different days of the week, Shayla often gets to do a craft or activity more than once.
Although this time, on the second go around, she smartened up to the whole inefficiency of stringing the candy on to the licorice shoelace.
As I was helping the other boy I could hear Shayla saying, 'Oh no, it broke, I'll eat it. Oh no, it broke, I'll eat it.' Over and over.
Guess I shouldn't have bought the no name fruitloops I was thinking as I glanced over at her.
'Oh no, it broke, I'll eat it.' She says as her little fingers break the fruitloop in half and then she pops it into her mouth! She sees me looking at her, holds up the licorice string and says, 'Probably I'll just eat this too Mom.'
You go girl!

And here's Tristan and his Dad. Just cause they're so cute! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Little Drummer Girl

If only you all could be so lucky to be serenaded like this while making supper... and about 20 other times throughout the day!

Don't fret she's for hire... and you can have her for the whole day if you like!
And she's cheap. She works for gum.
She has a variety of song selections but here she is singing about eating pie on a trampoline. 2 things that she doesn't have.

Hey maybe that's what she wants for Christmas.
And since she is such a sweet little girl I think we'll get her what she wants!
Now do you think she'd prefer apple or pumpkin?! ;)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our happy little family of 5! ;)

We had our Mom and Tot Christmas party last night. And the big guy in red even made an appearance!
A few of the kids even sat on his lap this year! Not our Shayla! She didn't have the scream of terror like last year but she wasn't getting too close. So, instead of just the kids, we got a family picture with Santa...

Introducing the Hodgsons! The happy family of 5! What... didn't you know Shayla has a sister?! Cute little Sophia! (Had to post this for you Megan! And because I had no idea she was even in the picture until I looked at it later at home. Did I ever laugh!)

I suppose I should explain why this is so funny.
So when Megan was back teaching we looked after Sophia and near the end of her time with us I realized that she was calling me Mom. I had thought she was just asking for her Mom... until she patted to the seat beside her, looked directly at me and said, 'sit Mom!' Oops! Apparently should have referred to myself as Kimberly a little more!
Then Megan told me that they had seen Clayton in town and he had popped his head in the vehicle to chat with them. When he was leaving Sophia started waving and shouting, 'Bye Dad!'
Oh dear! :)

I am glad it happened with Sophia and not some kid whose parent I don't really know... now I know to refer to myself as Kimberly, not I, when I am looking after other people's children. When I am NOT actually their Mom! ;) Lesson learned... thanks Sophia!

And this is why I laughed so hard when I flipped to this picture on my camera.

P.S. Sophia you can be part of our family any day! :)