Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Welcome baby Tristan!

Well just like it took you a long time to get here... it has taken me a long time to post your welcome blog!

Tristan Oakley 9lbs 7oz born at 6:26am on August 13.
We are so glad you are here!

We are really enjoying getting to know you. And watching Shayla be such a helpful big sister.
Today I was canning peaches while both my sweeties were napping and you woke up first and nursed and then were laying contentedly on your blanket. After a short while Shayla came wondering in, just waking up from her nap. You were getting a little fussy and I asked Shayla if she could get you your soother. First she was just drinking some water and ignoring you and then as you started to cry a little louder she put down her water.
'Ok baby, ok, ok, ok baby.' She says as she heads to the living room to get your 'sucky'!
She then got it in your mouth and you quieted down and she lay down beside you on the blanket. It was so sweet!

So far you have been pretty content. Eating, sleeping and pooping! I guess we'll see what a few more weeks of age brings!

Here are some pictures of your big arrival. Which took about half the time of Shayla's... thank you Tristan. ;) (Although pushing your head out... ouch! I screamed... apparently very loudly as your father told me to shush. To which I shouted... DO NOT TELL ME TO SHUSH! At your one week appointment I told Dr. Edwards this and, after measuring your head circumference, he told me to tell your father I had every right to scream! Thank you Dr. E!)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just a little entertaining chit chat

I have to share a phone conversation held between Megan and Shayla recently. I always put it on speaker phone when they are talking, because who'd wanna miss out on hearing this:



Hi Aunty. Can I talk to Shayla?

Oh hi Megan, how are you?

Can I talk to Shayla.

Yup. Just hold on I have to get her. What are you up to?

Hi Shayla.

Just a minute Megan I have to get her.


Even I can take that big a hint!
So I pass the phone to Shayla.

Hi Shayla!


Hi Shayla what are you doing?

I play withth a wrock.

What'd you say Shayla?

Grey wrock.

What Shayla?!

Wrock. Big wrock Meegan.


Wrock. Black wrock. As Shayla is pressing the rock into the phone to show Megan.



Mommmmm Shayla wants to go for a walk. Corrine says something in the background which Shayla hears.

I talk to Aunty Cream.

What'd you say Shayla?

Aunty Cream.


Should I go on... oh... you get the picture!!!

Cutest thing ever!

So the secret's out!

A few nights ago our neighbours... the ones with 4 kids and a trampoline that Shayla has been dying to jump on... invited us over for dinner.

They are a very nice family. Three girls and one very busy boy! In the same order as us Gooch kids actually. The father is a farmer and pastor at a church in town. He was very helpful, answering all of Clayton's questions, before we actually decided to put an offer in on our new house.

Anyhow, the evening of our supper invite, Shayla was very excited and spent as much time as possible jumping on the trampoline before dinner. When dinner was ready everyone went inside to dish up.

Of course, as we had anticipated, everyone bowed their heads for grace. Everyone that is except Shayla who, glancing over at the oldest girl with a bowed head and closed eyes, immediately shouted at the top of her lungs... WAKE UP!!!

Great Shayla... I'm sure they suspected but now they know for sure we're heathens! ;)

Note: No one laughed at the time but whenever I think about it now I have to chuckle... I can only imagine what was going through her little head... like why are all these people napping, it's time to eat don't they know!!!