Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Spice-cee Meatball!

Or perhaps a spicy pickled beet?

A few weeks ago my sister, Corrine, was down for a visit. Now there is something you should know about Corrine. And most people who know her, even just a little bit, do know it!
The girl can NOT handle spicy food! And I'm not talking about a hot Mexican burrito or sushi dipped in wasabi... either of those things would surely kill her! No, no, I talking more... Oh my God who put pepper on my eggs... as she is gagging and choking and desperately reaching for a glass of milk! Like I said, spicy... or any sort of flavour... and my sister do NOT go hand in hand!

So as I was saying, she was down for a visit and I had put some pickled beets, I had made, on the table with dinner. When I had first opened the jar a week before I tried one and remembered finding it to have a rather over bearing vinegar taste. So I mentioned it to her as she was dishing a couple onto her plate. Because that is the kind of super nice sister I am! She was all... yeah, yeah, I'm sure they're fine as she popped one into her mouth.

The second the beet hit the inside of her mouth, her face screwed up and she started to sputter and gag and then without a second thought to her hosts feelings, she ran over to the sink and spit the beet out. 'Oh my God Kimberly, what the hell was wrong with that beet? That was disgusting... an over bearing vinegar taste my ass! That was gross! Get me some milk!'
And of course, even though I had noticed the extra vinegar flavour earlier, I was all... 'Holy crap, they're not that bad! Make a big deal or what?! Get your own milk!'
And then I tried one.
It was disgusting.
I managed to swallow it... but only because I have the abilities of superwomen. ;)
And then in true sister style I, of course, said, 'See it wasn't that bad. It was fine actually. Man you have a sensitive stomach!'

And Clayton, the smart husband that he is, proceeded to eat one and followed it with a 'yum' and a noticeably forced smile on his sweet little face. I was really starting to think that I had the best husband ever. That is, until Corrine left, and Clayton turned to me and said, 'Wow those pickled beets were gross... but God it's fun messin' with your sister's mind!'

Side Note: Well this pickled beet story was just suppose to be the opening to another story about Corrine and Indian Food but I think we'll leave that for another day. I don't want to overwhelm you with too much writing!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Piggy Bank Craft

This is the kind of craft I was planning when I first started my day home.
Cute little piggy banks and such!

I planned similar crafts until I completed a session in the on-line Child Care Level One that I have to complete to be a registered day home about creative development and learned that these kinds of crafts stifle and impair a child's creative development!

Notice all the pieces are pre-cut out of sticky foam and all the child has to do is place them together. And I spent the whole time helping each child stick the pieces where they were suppose to go. Saying things like, wait wait wait, no, no, no... and even at the time I thought... wow this is not really very fun for the kids or me.

Thankfully I am not that horrible of a creative development stifler that I did let them add pieces and color all over it once the pieces were placed... I wish I had a picture of the one little girls pig! (It reminded me of a young Vanessa design! ;)

And when I completed that session at first I was all like come on... crafts like these are cute... what's THAT bad about them... etc etc.

And then I tried what they said... just putting pieces of items... paper, pipe cleaner, feathers, etc and craft items... glue, scissors, crayons, etc out and letting the child do what they want...

...and... was SO MUCH FUN! The kids loved it. One girl spent the whole time trying to use the scissors and riping paper. Shayla was enthralled with using the glue. I just sat and watched and helped if anyone asked.

So yeah there are no more perfect end products... sometimes there are no end products at all... but who cares! Craft time is so much more enjoyable and the kids are learning and creating from their own imaginations!

I feel like how did I not realize this on my own in the first place? I have always been a creative and imaginative person who always liked to create from my own imagination! It's like... DUH??? But oh well... now I know...

And there's no going back... and who would when everyone involved is enjoying craft time that much more!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011


I never thought those three little words could bring such warmth to a Mother's heart and be so exciting to a child!
Then again before having a child of my own it never ever crossed my mind that one day I might find another person pooping on the toilet to be the most EXHILARATING thing to happen in my day... week... month!!! Pooping on the pot is the next best thing to sliced bread!

After spending the summer at the farm with Megan... who was pooping on the pot regularly... Shayla became quite interested in sitting on the toilet. She spent a lot of time running to the toilet and insisting that I take off her diaper. Then she would sit there and reach for the toilet paper and proceed to wipe her bum and blow her nose with the same piece of toilet paper in that order! She never actually used the toilet as it is meant to be used. That sometimes went on up to 10 times a day... I was almost going to stop obliging her when one time she sat... and she pooped!
So we continued to exercise our potty ritual and she pooped every day on the potty for a week.
And then the fad passed.

So it has been a couple months since then and Shayla randomly poops on the toilet but nothing regular. I... I mean... Santa got her some panties for Christmas and she wore them a little at my Moms.

Then 3 days ago she was nude and she started to pee and I shouted... Shayla, wait, lets peep on the potty! And I whisked her onto the toilet where she looked at my quizzically for a moment and then finished peeing. So we high-fived and made a huge deal out of it and she was so excited. AND later that day she grabbed her crotch and started shouting PEE! PEE! PEE! And we made it to the potty in time. Most exciting day EVER!!! :)

Should I keep going? Are you even interested? Probably not but too bad... just stop reading if this is boring you!

So yesterday she peed on the potty in the morning a couple of times while she was nude so we put on her big girl panties. And then she peed in her pants two times. The second was so cute. I noticed a little wet at her crotch and said... Shayla do you have to pee? She looked down and said yeeeaaahhh. And then immediately finished peeing... in her pants! So I thought maybe we wouldn't worry about focusing on the potty training too much yet. Except later that night after a diaper change I found her in her room trying to put on her wet big girl panties that she got out of the laundry basket. So I got her a new pair.

And today was awesome! She wore big girl panties all day except nap and when we went outside and after the outside time she shouted PEE! PEE! PEE! And she went on the toilet and her diaper wasn't even wet.

Seriously all you non-parents are like what is the big deal... this is BOOOORRRRING!
And my before I had Shayla self feels for you!

But it is the GREATEST thing ever and the cutest. The way she grabs at herself and shouts so excitedly PEE! PEE! PEE! And then has to put her panties back on herself and pulls them up so high she's got a wedgie in the front and then walks around... like she got a mile high wedgie... cause she does!


Well at least I finally posted something... :)