Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An Ackward Silence

To set the mood...
We were in the car on our way into Medicine Hat, just the two of us. We had only been on the road for a few minutes, the radio was turned way down and I was looking out the window at the beautiful fall colours. Peaceful.

And then Clayton, reaching to turn up the radio, says, "Well that's enough of the awkward silence."

I look over at him and start to laugh, "Pardon... um silence maybe... but awkward?" I can't help but continue to laugh.

Could you imagine being friends with someone which eventually turned into a relationship and then a marriage... having known them for almost ten years... and feeling awkward when there was a moment of silence?!
Seriously if a silence in that relationship still feels AWKWARD I'm pretty sure you're doing something wrong. Not that I'm saying we're/Clayton is doing something wrong... men just aren't good with words! ;) But man it was damn funny.
Awkward silence! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Clayton you've seen me cry so hard that snot and saliva are pouring out of me!
Clayton you've seen the goofy, ridiculous me that comes out when only family's around!
Clayton you've popped pimples on various unmentionable parts of my body.
And I'm sorry but it has to be said...

Now really was that silence awkward?!!! :)

NOTE TO SELF: Clayton does like the constant chattering... keep up the good work! ;)

Sunday, September 19, 2010


A few months ago we bought this kiddie table and chairs at the hospital garage sale for $2. It was an ugly pink with brown drippy stains. It took a few months but finally I got around to painting it. And I even went all out and added some cute little bugs.

In the morning when Shayla went over to her table to try and climb onto it with out her Mom noticing. Then she saw the bugs, she stopped and tried diligently for a few minutes to pick them off, and then proceeded to try and make it to the standing position on the table top! Naughty little girl! ;)

Anyhow, here's the table and chairs, without Shayla as the centre piece... :)

Oh and here's the little monkey in her wagon...

What a cutie!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Well it's cold and deary outside today hence the post about summer. Oh how I miss summer! I use to enjoy the change of seasons but for some reason having a child has changed that. Maybe its because you spend 10 minutes bundling them up for not even 10 minutes of outside time... which consists of walking two steps and falling because of all the clothing.
I am hoping for snow... at least then we won't have to go outside and just stand there for ten minutes breathing in the fresh air. We could go sledding... even on a hill... there is ONE in town you know!

Anyhow here is a picture from summer... really do you even have to ask how I could stay out in BC for that long... really? Do you even have to ask?!!! ;)

Especially when this is what I would have spent my time looking at in AB:

OK now Clayton is going to kill me!
(See the things I risk for your entertainment, Vanessa... my life... I know, I'm that great a sister!)
Although the above picture is the one thing that Shayla and I missed terribly about BI! Even looking like that!

Clayton please don't shave my head while I'm sleeping, then take a picture and post it on my blog... you could have deleted these pictures after you showed me... plus I think you look cute... in a Hell's Angel kind of way!
Love ya! :)