Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kayaking on the Adams

Kayaking on the Adams... slightly different than kayaking on the South Saskatchewan!

And this wasn't even the video I wanted to upload!
Above mentioned video is apparently TOO LARGE A FILE.
Which is unfortunate because in THAT video Vanessa goes through the chute right-side-up and I decide mid point to continue through the fast, rapid filled canyon up-side-down.
Just for your viewing pleasure of course! Wait there was no viewing pleasure as THAT video wouldn't upload!
Oh well... next time you're at my house ask me to show it to you... it's Kimberly at her finest. It even comes with a bonus... great audio of the 40 something people, who just went through on guided rafts, cat calling me to roll back up.
Roll back up, I did not!
Oh well, next time I go I'll make it... lets see that give me about 10 years to prepare!

I'm finally home in BI!