Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let's all bow our heads together now.

Well last night we attended our second prenatal class... and yes we got to watch yet another birthing video. Now watching the process while pregnant and knowing that in the near future you are going to experience the same thing brings out a lot of different emotions.

For one... throughout the whole labour process, especially when the husband was singing she'll be coming round the mountain when she comes; I thought... really does that help? If Clayton sung that to me while I was doubled over in pain delivering HIS child I think I would slap him... likewise if he said something such as, 'hang in there WE'RE almost done'... excuse me WE? And how do YOU know it's almost DONE??? And then I had a very strong emotion... the oh poor Clayton emotion... poor poor Clayton!

And of course when the baby was finally out and in the mother's arms I felt an over whelming feeling of joy and sentiment... I couldn't wait for that moment to be mine.

But the emotion that stood out the most and has stuck with me until even this very moment is...


And believe me I have good reason to fear.
Let me explain.

The size of an average person's head:

The size of my head:

Enough said.

Yes... no NEED to say more... but I do have a story...

When I was about 10 years old I joined a Horse 4-H club. And joining the club made my Mom insist that I get a riding helmet. (Or maybe I insisted I get a riding helmet... cause I'm nerdy like that.... OR she was trying to make me wear my sister's pink bicycle helmet!) Either way I found myself in a tack store talking to a sales lady who was similar to this size and shape:

So my Mom tells her we are in search of a riding helmet and does she have any suggestions. She goes to the back room and comes out with a couple of choices. I try the first style on... well I try to try it on but it won't fit on my head. So we move onto the next one and surprisingly it won't fit either.

"No problem," the lady says as she heads back to get a larger size. She brings out two different sizes and unpackaged the one for me to try on. I lift it up and try to jam it on my head but it won't go on either. The same happens with the other one.

"Hum" she grunts and scoops up the two still too small helmets and heads back to find something even larger. That's alright I tell myself, she was probably in the child sizes and I'm not a child! She brings out one this time and I gingerly take it from her and make a silent prayer. I pause briefly, helmet hovering over my head and set it down. And there it stays... propped on the top of my head. The women looks shocked and then moves closer and tries to push the helmet down onto my head... it doesn't help.

"Odd," she mumbles as she heads to the back room yet again. This time as she re-enters the room she has the helmet out of the box and is trying it on herself. It slides on easily. "This one is bound to fit," she says as she nears us.

It doesn't.

"Wow you have quite a big head for such a little girl," the fat lady exclaims. (And I can call her fat because she called my head big... fairs fairs.)

I want to leave. The bright pink bike helmet would be better then this humiliation. I try to give my Mom the 'lets just go' eyeball. But she doesn't seem to notice... she is too deep in thought and for some reason there is a smile on her face.

Utterly determined now, the lady heads back once again. This time she is in the back room for quite a while and when she reappears I notice a few beads of sweat on her forehead. "Here, this one was hard to find, but is bound to fit," she says as she hands it to me.

I very tentatively try it on...

It fits! "We'll take it." I almost cry. And I'm sure I hear the women whisper thank you God under her breath.

So you see... NOW YOU SEE.

And now I realize why my Mother was smiling during the whole thing... she had to push my huge head out of a very small hole... and finally she was getting a little payback.

So let’s all bow our heads together now and pray that she doesn't get the ultimate payback...

Say it with me now... please God let the baby get his/her Daddy's head size... please... PRETTY PRETTY PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!


Thursday, January 22, 2009


or perhaps...


Actually not nearly as much drinking occurred as I had envisioned.

so maybe this would sum it up better...


Well I can't even pull this one off... I was trying to find a sunny beach shot and this is the best I could come up with. So it rains in paradise too hey?

I know...


Pasty white Kimberly... and proof that yes baby we already took you to Mexico!

or maybe this...


Pasty white Clayton on the scooter we rented to tour around Cozumel... license... um nah Senior you'll be fine to drive without a license... as long as you have credit card... you have credit card, right Senior? Oh yes and the cigar... that we bought from a vendor who tried to sell us a picture with an iguana and when we declined said, "what about with that snake?" pointing to our feet. He was quite clever... so we bought a cigar.

but then maybe something motivational would be more... well... um... motivational...


Clayton pushing aside his fear of heights and peering over the edge of the Coba ruins.

or maybe...


Kimberly pushing aside her fear of spending money and being a typical white tourist helps to aide the employment of a Mexican limo driver. We actually, like typical whities who can afford to not only feed our families but travel to forgein countries and stay in plush hotels, inquired about if (Mexicans) get sick of all the tourists flocking to their country. The response... utter incomprehension... But why Senior? Oh right... you now have a job and can feed your children... sorry we're from Canada... sometimes we don't get it.

so maybe this is it...


A village market. Meat hanging out in the open air.

or this...


Hitch hikers... 5 or 6 years old!

but wait... isn't this the blog of Kimberly A. Hodgson (It feels like for this statement I should use Gooch... but I guess that's not my name now.)


Natural wonder and beauty... and not another soul in sight. (Thank you oh so tourist scattering rain.)

wait I've got it...


Clayton. Looking athletic. Ending in a belly flop. Perfect!
Also swimming in a cenote... something I would love to do again... it was amazing! Ah Mexico!

I thought that was the one... but you just can't sum it up better than...


The first try is always best... it's true... why do women spend all afternoon shopping around... and then end up with their first choice. Because you just never know... and you get to try out many other wonderful choices to boot!

Oh Mexico... I miss you already.

Although it's the dead of winter here... and being home for almost a week... I think I have actually got a slight tan! Gotta love Alberta's winter sun!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

More Ultrasound Pictures!

We had our week 20 ultrasound pictures and measurements done and everything looks good... or so they tell me! And the nice lady printed off a ton of pictures for us to take home. So here are a select few:

Here's baby blowing bubbles... which disturbs me only slightly as I am sure the act of blowing bubbles has NOTHING to do with baby's future first job as a Cherry Picker and NOT a lifeguard! gasp!
(I suppose I should a post about the Cherry Picker/Lifeguard situation so not only a select few related readers understand... another time maybe!)

Here's baby's cute little feet!

And here's baby's leg and belly! (Any guesses on gender?)

And baby's flexible spine!

And lastly the candid alien shot! Now lets all pray together that baby takes after Clayton in head size... for obvious reason!!!

Well we are off to Calgary today and fly out for Cancun, Mexico tomorrow! White sandy beaches, warm summer sun, pristine coral reefs... enjoy winter while we're gone!
See you in a week... or so!