Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I have been battling back and forth with myself about discontinuing my blog.
But here I am sitting down finally to make a post.
And that is exactly the pro to stop writing... because when I don't write it nags at me... that little voice in the back of my brain saying write something... it's time to write something and this time it had better be funny!
Apparently when you don't leave the house... nothing funny happens.
So for now I have decided to keep this blog around even if it is only to post a picture of Shayla here and there.

Or a picture of a painting of a jeep that I painted:

For my Aunt and Uncle for their 25th Wedding Anniversary.
We had a surprise party for them... and they were very surprised! It was fun!

If I don't post before...
Have a very Merry Christmas!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Our cat does have a name but mostly he is known as Kitty or Clayton's Cat.
Poor poor Kitty.
Ever since the last few months of pregnancy the house rules for Clayton's Cat have changed.

1. No more sleeping on the bed.
2. Unless of course that evil b-otch is gone.
3. No going into the spare room... which now houses a drooling, screeching mini person.
4. No laying on anything that is warm, soft and fuzzy... as it belongs to you know who!
5. No more cuddling on the couch... the man spends all his cuddle time on the couch with that drooling, screeching, stinky, fur pulling, attention stealing little menace!

Now I've always considered myself an animal lover... but having an inside pet makes me realize I'm not of the true variety! I just hate all the hair on my things! But that aside... Clayton's Cat is one darn good Kitty... he follows the rules even though they have changed a few times and definitely aren't followed when I'm gone! But he's right back on track once I return!

And yes I do know I am NOT anywhere near the top of his list of favorite things!

And even though he is a good Kitty... he has got a load of attitude...
Since being booted off the foot of the nice warm bed, he sleeps downstairs in the back room on Clayton's hockey bag.
We have set up a cozy blanket right beside the bed by the nice warm air vent... but do you think he'll sleep there? HELL NO!

If that shebitch isn't going to let me sleep on the bed do you think I'll give her the satisfaction of sleeping on that pathetic excuse for a bed on the floor?! No THANK YOU! I'll find my own place to sleep... away from her!

Yes Kitty I know that's what you're thinking... and I'll have you know that suits me just fine! Ha you think NOT sleeping in the same room as me is going to annoying me?! Come on I thought you'd do better than that!

Well... he did...
Last night we heard Kitty wander into the room and Clayton was like oh good I think he's going to finally sleep on the bed we made him... after heartless YOU banned him from the bed. (The last part I'm sure he said in his head.)
We waited but he just stayed by the door and then in the pitch black as I was trying to get to sleep he settled down and started...
I HATE listening to THAT when I am trying to sleep!

When he was FINALLY finished he got up... flicked his head and said take that b-otch... and left the room!

Nice one Kitty!
But I'd watch you back if I were you...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh right I have Photoshop...

Our sweet little Shayla

Still the same old black and white with a little colour...
Surprisingly not doing anything on Photoshop since my belly pictures hasn't increased my Photoshop abilities in the slightest! I know... what is up with that?! ;)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Craft Day!

Look at what I accomplished on Craft Day!
I stuck it on the wall with super duty sticky tac! (I could possibly be cursing myself later if a letter crashes to the ground in the middle of the night and I have a screaming baby on my hands! So far it made it through last night and seems pretty sturdy! Keeping my fingers crossed because Clayton wouldn't be happy about that many holes in the wall!)

Cute name:

Cute owner of the name:

What is up with all the pink?! Never would have guessed I'd be dressing and making pink crafts for my baby!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Also on our trip to Waterton:

Clayton packed Shayla on his front on our hike...

Then on the way out we thought why not try carry her on our back? (Clayton's way of getting out of packing Shayla on the way back! ;)

Below is the very good reason WHY NOT to carry a child on your back with this kind of pack...
hum... not really sure if I want to post this... seems odd to post, after trying to avoid anyone in the parking lot when we got back to civilization, UNTIL after the pack was off!
awe... what the heck my readership is only about 2 people now anyhow...
sorry you had to see this... close your eyes...

Well you can't say I didn't warn you!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Not necessarily a good idea

Giving Shayla a shoulder ride.
Yes it looks cute.
OK so she smiled. Life is pretty much about doing anything to make her smile.
And it gave my arms a break from carrying her.

look really closely at her mouth in the second picture...
There is much foreshadowing found in there.
(Especially if the picture was clearer...)

Right after this picture was clicked a huge mass of chunky curdled milk aka spit up spewed out onto my head and ran down my hair.
Clayton tried to take a picture but at the time I was more concerned about getting the icky mess, out of my nicely washed hair, as quickly as possibly... self centered and vain... I know!
You should have let me taken a picture, Clayton said after the mini disaster was contained, then you could have posted it on your blog... you're always complaining about NOT having 'material'.
To which I replied, Clayton I think my blog can handle missing a picture of spit up... especially if it means, by NOT taking the picture, that I avoided sour chunky milk running into my eyeball! Geez!

Now, of course, I wish a had sacrificed the eyeball.
But don't tell Clayton.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

When you can't sleep...

Not that it'll be very interesting for the readers but if I'm trying this as a sleep tactic really it needs to be boring!
The most annoying part about not being able to sleep is that I spent all day feeling tired... what is up with that!
Shayla and I have been jogging... well I jog... Shayla sits there is her stroller and laughs at my red sweating face while I do all the work... so I'm not really sure she should get credit for jogging. But she can take the credit for all the napping! It's good for your health... apparently those who nap every day live longer. Now I'm not really sure why I am jogging when I could be adding days onto my life by simply napping! The kid's got it figured out!
In the stroller she's usually awake for a while... sitting there staring out at me until such time she can no longer stand the excitement and has a big yawn that says... Really this is it? This is all? Sitting here watching your face turn a darker shade of red is just not doing it for me anymore... wake me when we're back home.
So we're jogging.
And I spent all day feeling tired... and now I can't sleep.
Shayla spends all day napping... and is now, as per usual, sleeping soundly in her crib.
Tomorrow morning I think I'll put on my runners and go for a nice long nap!
It'll add hours onto your life!
Now if only I can get to sleep...

Moral of these last few stories: When you have a kid your husband no longer needs to worry about his wife telling embarrassing things about him on her blog. Clayton? Clayton who? ;)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

That baby's hungry!

OK OK so I just arrive somewhere and Shayla's a little fussy and someone says... that baby's hungry... I get it... they don't know I just fed her and that she actually just wants some down time.

Or maybe I've been somewhere for a while and someone says... that baby's hungry... I get it... she got a little fussy and they think stick a boob in her mouth and shut her up already... when really I know she just needs to go down for a nap. I understand why someone might randomly suggest that my baby's hungry...

BUT when I just finish feeding my baby and someone says... that baby's hungry... I want to stand up and scream... Seriously?! What makes you say that? Is it the hollowness of her gaunt milk depleted cheeks... or her little stick like legs without an ounce of fat on them... oh wait maybe it's her narrow waist line?! Or maybe its me... the fact that I am such a young mother... who knows what these 28 year old kids are doing with their babies now a days... it's a miracle the little things even survive. That poor milk deprived baby, why she probably doesn't weigh an ounce over 16lbs! That's right my 16 week old baby weighs 16lbs!!! Larger then my friend's 7 month old! Poor starving darling!
But I digress...

I suppose in the end that certain someone TOTALLY redeemed themselves...

3 hours later, after Shayla had sat on my lap, played on the floor and had a nap... she started to fuss... and somehow this 28 years kid deduced that she just might be ready to eat again... so I stuck her on the boob and she settled down and got to business...

Just as Shayla start to suckle away that same someone pipes up... see I told you that baby was hungry!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

But I thought I wouldn't...

So being a Mom really does change what you post about on your blog... It's all about BABY BABY BABY!!! I suppose that has A LOT to do with the fact that at the moment life IS all about SHAYLA SHAYLA SHAYLA!!! And I guess this blog was always about my life!

So all of you not in the baby craze can breath a sigh of relief... someone stopped by the house today and gave me something else to write about! (Not anything too exciting... but I sat down here to upload some oh so cute pictures of... you guessed it... SHAYLA and blogger wouldn't let me do it! And I came all the way down here and sat down to post something... so something is going to be posted dammit!!!)

The following probably won't even be funny or make much sense as the people are unknown to most of you... but when she said the sentence it just described the person she was talking about to a T!!!

She said:
Well I couldn't decipher much of what she said... talking to that girl is like talking to a picture of a flower!

Of course talking to the speaker of the above sentence is like talking to a bee so hopped up on crack that when it's come down off the crack high it's still trying to pollinate the above mentioned picture of a flower.

But then again... can I really judge as talking to me lately is like talking to a picture of a flower with her left petal hanging out... getting pollinated right there for all around to see, while the right petal continuously leaks it's sweet nectar in anticipation of it's turn and all the while the flower in the picture keeps holding up pictures of a baby flower and saying... isn't she cute... oh my look at this one, she's just adorable... oh and here's one...

You get the drift!
Or maybe you don't... :)

Either way... Time to go rest my weary petals!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Well we are back home and blogger finally let me upload a few pictures... but only a few... 8 to be exact and then it decided to exercise it's all encompassing power yet again and took away the picture uploading function in one quick swoop! Oh blogger how you deeply annoy and irritate me at times!

Anyhow... before when I sat down to post the Shayla in BC pictures I had planned on posting them in some sort of witty fashion... but that idea has long left my memory... so here are 8 of the pictures posted in no witty fashion what-so-ever:

Our BC buddies... Gramma Gooch and cousin Megan... (who loved to kiss and hug Shayla and declare to anyone who came near... my baby Shayla, NO MINE!!! And Megan wasn't much of a sharer either!!! hehehe ;)

Shayla got to meet and cuddle with a lot of Greats... here are the grandparents:
Great Gramma Pinyon

Great Grampa Pinyon

Great Gramma Gooch

She also got to check out where Auntie Nessa lives and even where they send her on base change for work! Auntie even came up to the farm for 2 visits... which made Shayla feel pretty important as there was A LOT of fires burning in BC this summer!

Shayla even had a visitor from overseas... Shayla's pretty sure she was the main reason Ayako made the trip! ;)

Shayla was very happy to see her Daddy! And glad he came out twice!!!

And Shayla got to do lots of cool firsts... but blogger would only let me share with you the hike into Fish Lake

We had a great time in BC! It was so wonderful to hang out with everyone! Thanks for all the fun!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh computers... sigh

Oh how I hate computers!
I finally sit down to put up some cute pictures with a somewhat cute dialogue... and the damn thing won't upload my pictures! Damn you ERROR reading!
So I regret to inform you this is it for tonight's post! And we are off camping tomorrow until some time next week... so... you know... no posts for a while yet!
Maybe one day my creativity and blog motivation will come back to me!
I see some of you readers are not lacking in the creativity department... what with seeing unicorns and octopuses in the picture below! Or maybe you should just get off the crack you wackos! wink wink
Clayton should be arriving here soon... YIPPEE!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Shayla's first horseback ride

Again with the very slack blog posting... I know, I know... sorry!
Shayla and I are in BC at my parents... Clayton will arrive out here in a week.
I'll try and get some pictures on here of our other activities soon... I hope!
We are having a blast!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Great Grammas

Shayla has four Great Grammas! Lucky girl! She is going to meet the BC ones really soon. She has already met both her Great Grammas on Clayton's side... they are both almost 100 years old!!! When I talk about my Grammas with Gramma Hodgson she always inquires about their ages and then says, "Oh they're just young yet!"

When we took Shayla to introduce her to Great Gramma Hodgson the first thing Gramma said was, "Oh my what a fat baby!"
We're pretty sure fat means cute to Great Gramma because every Christmas she comments on how fat Clayton is getting... and I think he gets cuter and cuter every year too!

I guess when you're almost 100 you've earned the right to say what you think... I suppose! ;)
Great Gramma Hodgson:

Shayla was also lucky enough to meet her Great Gramma Girodat before she was a month old! Clayton was ribbing me about Shayla's first out of province trip NOT being to BC!
Great Gramma Girodat is a real sweety and keep saying what a nice baby Shayla was! We're pretty sure nice means nice!
While we were visiting Great Gramma at the Lodge everyone else living there wanted to see the baby too. So we took her on a little parade. There was one lady there who sings all the time and apparently randomly tells the staff that they are going to hell. She just loved Shayla... she said Shayla was the most beautiful baby she had ever seen in the whole wide world! So of course I kept mentioning this randomly afterwards to Clayton. Finally he must have had enough because after one such 'we have the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world' comment from me, while out for a walk with Shayla, he looked down at Shayla in the stroller and said, "Yes baby girl, and then she told your Mommy and Daddy that they were going to hell and did a little bow and started singing All I Want For Christmas is my Two Front Teeth!"

Anyhow here is Great Gramma Girodat:

the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world:

wink wink

Monday, June 22, 2009

Do you remember those things they use to call a Walkman?

You do... of course you do... they're old and out dated but I wouldn't label them as an antique or anything...
So it still blows my mind when I think about the price I could have paid to be the proud owner of a Walkman that wouldn't play any of my Cd's... wait those are pretty much outdated now too... why would I need a Walkman when I have my trusty Ipod!
Anyhow I could have picked one up about a month ago when Mom, Corrine, Megan and I were out garage sale shopping for get this... $18!!!
Pardon me?!
We all had a good, quiet laugh and then moved on...
to a little old 13" black and white TV...
with a price tag of...

Needless to say shortly after that we left without having made any purchases!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Wow it has been a while since I posted... so sorry!
The first couple weeks of being a new Mom were as everyone told me they would be... busy and spent in a sleepy haze. But as Shayla is almost 4 weeks old I can't really blame the long stint of not posting on the new Mom thing can I?!!!
And actually I do have another excuse... our computer had a virus and wouldn't let us go on the net! I'm not even lying! But Clayton and Dell finally got it dumped and everything reinstalled yesterday. So we are back online!

I'm not sure why I ended that last sentence with an exclamation mark... I really don't have anything too exciting to blog about. I do have a couple dirty stories...
about poo...
Here's one:
We were giving our sweet little daughter a bath a couple of weeks ago when she was still pretty new. Clayton was holding her and I was just finishing filling up the tub, when Clayton says, "Hey her guts are rumbling," and he then proceeds to point her diaper less bum at me and smiles.
And she sprays a yellow juicy one right across my chest! As soon as Clayton noticed she was actually pooing his smile vanished and he tried to whip her butt out of my direction, which made poop spew all across my shirt and then down the bath room sink.
There was a brief moment where I stood looking down at my poopy shirt and Clayton was saying something like, "Oh my God I didn't think she was actually going to poop..."
Then I broke out into laughter. I can't remember if Clayton laughed... like a typical male he is pretty grossed out by poop... even cute baby poo... and he did get it all down his arm... thankfully Karma didn't let him get away scott free!
I took off my shirt and he handed her to me and started wiping up the sink and floor... when she pooped again! But I, unlike someone, had the decency to aim it away from him! :)

How could this sweet little thing have so much poop...

Oh oh... looks little she might take after her Mom in the thumb sucking department! ;)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shayla Raylene!

8lbs 5oz
20 inches long
Born May 26 at 10:28pm

She is a little sweetheart... and we both are loving being parents!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The last belly picture you'll ever see...

...well maybe...

Wow don't I look impressed!
9 months pregnant... hey wait a minute... I'm I not almost in my 40th week? 40 divided by 4... does that not equal 10 months?! Those damn lairs! ;)

Either way... still waiting for baby...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

You know you're a pastey whitey when...

...you can't tell where your skin leaves off and the freshly painted white fence begins!

Monday, May 4, 2009


Comment #7 on the Turtles post... seriously?
My blog is coming under legal action... ?
Oh come on... isn't imitation the highest form of flattery???
And its not like I traced them... so they're not identical... actually the turtles from that unmentionable movie look fairly similar to a couple cartoom turtles I drew as a kid... maybe I should take some legal action on WD!!! wink wink

Hey! Wait a minute... UNCLE RON!!! Are you messing with me??? It's not nice if you are!

Dear Stein\Weir\Cole at law please send along some sort of contact info so we can discuss this matter further...


Friday, May 1, 2009


Well I started a project that I was starting to regret as it was taking forever... but now that I'm done it all seems worthwhile!

The project:
Turtle paintings for baby's room! (Inspired by an unmentionable cartoon)

Baby turtle:

Momma turtle:

Poppa turtle:

The whole thing in the lovely room painted by Clayton!

YIPPEE! It feels so great to be done!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Speaking of weight gain...

You know you're a fatty when...

*You have trouble bending over to tie your shoes
*You sit your plate on your belly when you're eating in front of the TV
*You have to wake up to perform the difficult procedure of rolling over in bed
*You wear jogging pants to work because style is over rated and comfort is of utmost importance
*You don't know what color shoes you are wearing as you can't see your feet and you now only wear slip-ons
*You have to extend your arms to type as your belly hits the desk

And the number one way you know you're a fatty when...

*You wear extra large maternity pants and then stepping into a vehicle you split above mentioned pants...

Monday, April 20, 2009

More weight gain...

Here is the picture we took about a week and a half ago for the 8 month picture:

My belly is getting bigger... although walking around the Trade Show on the weekend people kept asking when I was due and when I said in a month each one got a shocked look on their face and said... but you're so small!

Well it feels big to me!

Oh and since I'm writing on Kevin's b-day... Happy Birthday Kevin!
PS. He's really old... just in case you were wondering...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Dinner

I'll never eat a pickled beet with a straight face again...

So we're sitting around the table eating a yummy Easter Dinner prepared by Clayton's Mom aka Grandma. Riley, our sweet little 4 year old nephew is sitting between myself and Grandma. The pickled beets are getting passed around and Grandma asks Riley if he would like one.

"No thank you, Grandma" he says, "I don't like them."

But Grandma is not deterred, "Have you ever tried one, Riley?" She asks and then continues to say, "If you eat enough pickled beets they make your pee turn red!"

Riley looks up, suddenly interested. He takes a long look at the dish of pickled beets in Grandma's hand and then lets her slide one onto his plate.

The meal continues with pleasant chatter and then as if on cue pretty much everyone glances over at Riley at the same time...

He has undone his pants and is checking himself out... he then looks up to a table full of faces, all eyes on him and says oh so innocently:

"Hey it didn't turn my pee pee red!"

The laughter continued on for what seemed like decades.

And I'm laughing again now.

Yup it's a fact... I'll never eat pickled beets with a straight face again!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Too cute!

OMG I love it:

Here's a close up, just to be sure all of you can see the logo... I love it! I love it! I love it!!!

Clayton on the other hand is like... Thanks Christine... thanks a lot!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April already?

Wow how the time flies!

I would like to apologize for the long stint of NOT posting... I surely have a declining readership now! But if blaming someone else makes you like me again... then lets blame Clayton!
Maybe he was visiting too many inappropriate sites... or downloading songs illegally... or... insert own guess here... but whatever it was... in the middle of March Shockware decided to disconnect our Internet, without warning. When we were finally fed up with the connection issue, Clayton phoned in to complain... the conversation ended with him sheepishly saying yes waiting until April for Internet service would be fine.
So it's now April and we're back on-line!

While we were Internet deprived and had all this free time on our hands that was previously filled with google searches, FB and other life sucking Internet activities Corrine came down and took some baby belly pictures for us and then Karen showed me this neat trick on photo shop...

Making a picture black and white with one thing left highlighted in colour!!!

Isn't it cool???

And just as cool in this picture...

Oh don't the flowers just pop out at you?!

Yippee I love this little trick!

And I also can't wait until she learns more about photo shop so in turn I can pick it from her brain and apply it to my pictures!!! Quick Karen... quick... or all my pictures are going to look like this! ;)

Maybe a little Internet deprivation isn't such a bad thing...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A post from a dejected MIDDLE child!

I just spent the last two days enjoying some lovely time with my Mom and sister. Of course I always love having family come to visit... it always feels like they have brought a part of the mountains and home with them! I hate to see them leave...


...When Vanessa was handing out free massages... one night she went to work on my feet... oh so lovely... and then proceeded to clip my toe nails! Normally I would find it kind of creepy... someone else digging the gunk out from under my toe nails and hacking off the rather unruly nail... but not this time! I was just so happy I wouldn't have to try and somehow reach my toes with this darn belly sitting right in the way! It's quite amazing the little things that become difficult with a big ol' belly getting in your way!

...And when my Mom spent her last morning helping me wipe down everything in the living room that was covered in drywall dust! She moved couches and cleaned things that probably haven't been dusted in years! Moms are amazing!

...And even just having two lovely ladies who are not only willing... but actually want to go snowshoeing with me!

...And I wasn't going to mention it... but what the hell it's only the innocent Internet... and I am a descendant of Aunty Ronny, so it really can't be helped... Vanessa also gave me a hand with a waxing issue that was getting a little outta control... what with not having been able to see down there for the last few months... Clayton can't thank her enough. So instead I waxed her eyebrows for her. She requested that I make them a little more rounded... and I tried, for the life of me I tried, but it just wasn't happening. 'But yours have a nice arch' she complained. Yeah I guess that's the benefit of having a gigantic UNI BROW... you've got a lot there to work with!!! Really I feel so sorry for all you with TWO separate eyebrows... I know you're all envious of my bountifully eyebrow canvass!

But now they are gone and there is only one person to blame...

That DAMN Corrine!
I joked, before Mom's visit, about her not sharing... but she REALLY did miss the sharing day in kindergarten I think! ;) I mean... really... as if Mom would pick babysitting her sweet little granddaughter, Megan, over painting her darling pregnant daughters bathroom?!!! Really... as if!

Moral of the story: The first child... grandchild... really does get it all!!! wink wink

PS. Dani... Thanks for all the cloth diapers! You rock! Now lets see if I have it in me to actually carry out my plans... ;)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh do forgive me... I'm so so sorry

Is there such a thing as being TOO polite?

Clayton and I went to Calgary on the weekend to Stage West. It was a company event so we were there with a bunch of Clayton's co-workers. After a bathroom trip by one of his female co-workers, she returned with a very amused look on her face.
She could barely contain the laughter as she shared with us what had went down in the biffy...

So I had just finished my business and was following up with the customary hand wash when I noticed the lady beside me having trouble with the paper towel dispenser. "I think you just need to wave your hand in front of it," I offered.
She tried that but still nothing happened. "Maybe it's out of paper," she suggested. Then she turned and smacked right into the full length mirror to her left. Now wait for it... wait for...
She proceeded to apologize, "Oh my goodness, I am so sorry, I..." And then she stopped abruptly... when she realized she was apologizing to her reflection... and herself and her reflection both turned bright red. "Oh... um... now that's embarrassing," she mumbled as she quickly ducked out of the bathroom, hands still dripping wet.

What? Didn't your Mother teach you proper manners?!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Just to catch you up...

Below are a few pictures that tell a tale of a women who is gaining weight and apparently not afraid to post that said weight gain on the Internet. Also it tells a small spin off story of non existent hair care; even though the individual was anal enough to wear the same outfit, apparently 'making one's self look nice' didn't occur to the above mentioned individual.
Notice how the camera seems drawn to the belly and zooms in as the belly grows. This occurrence was purely coincidental and was not manipulated to make said belly look bigger.

Once upon a time...

November: Three months

December: Four months

January: Five months

February: Six months

March: Seven months

To be continued...