Monday, January 29, 2018

I am going to Mexico with this girl!

We fly out tomorrow... and she doesn't know a thing about it yet!
I am SO excited to go with her and SO excited to see the surprised look on her face tonight when she finds out where we are going!!!
I can't wait!!!


We made slime over the Christmas holidays... a lot of slime!
It was slimy fun!
Apparently there are lots of types of slimes
 and even more YouTube videos on how to make them!

We made:
Fish bowl slime
Popcorn slime 
Glitter slime
Butter slime (this one didn't turn out so well)

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Igloo fun!

That took a while!
But here it is... finally... the fun with Igloo post!
I posted the summer pictures when it was -12 and now it is +12... so time to post the winter pictures I guess!
Oh the igloo was fun.
Fun to build, fun to play in and even more fun to climb on!

I know everyone else is enjoying this balmy weather we are having but it melted our igloo and backyard rink so boo on you nice December weather!
It's December in Canada... bring on the cold and snow! ;)

Ok ok the weather has been sort of enjoyable! 
But snow for Christmas please!

Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Rope swings are FUN!

Well, actually, this is only true if they swing into a lake or are on a steep mountain side!
I know for a fact, because after another fun rope swing summer I tried to build one in our backyard.
Everyone, myself included, tried a couple times and was like um thanks Mom... probably will use that... never again... but thanks, A for effort! 
(P.S. Sorry for limbing that pericious tree Clayton, oops you may have been right once again!)

But here we are, this passed summer, back at that lovely cabin in Lillooet!
Everyone is older... so kids were more able to walk and do more on their own and the adults were less able! LOL So it worked out well! ;)

The rope swing adventure day, which turned into pretty much everyday we were there!
Some of us walked over to the rope swing!

And some of us paddled over!

Jax on the swing!

Mya and Amelia!

Grampa, Tristan and Logan taking a break from swinging fun!

Shayla and Megan LOVED the rope swing!
They ended up doing lots of swinging back and forth and doing tricks.  Some of the Dads didn't like this very much. The Moms told them not to watch. Good fun is a little dangerous don't ya know!!!

Farm Gramma and Grampa off the farm and taking a break!

You know what else is good fun?
An Uncle who owns a speed boat and a tube!!!

Oh summer...
I was gonna say how I miss you but I actually have been enjoying winter so far. We've had some snow and nice weather to go out and do lots of sledding, x-country skiing and we even built an igloo! Maybe that'll be the next post!
Igloo fun!

(: Life is good! :)

P.P.S Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! 44 years! So awesome! Love ya two!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy Halloween!

From a family of jack-o-lantrens! 

And a hunter!

Our cute kiddos!





A hillbilly hunter and a deer

Clayton and I went out to the Blues at the Bow on Sat night... it was pretty last minute, so we dressed up as a hunter and deer... that face paint took me an hour and a half to do, so I had to post a close up!

More face painting fun:

And finally; doing experiments with halloween ingredients:
*Vampire boogers
*Juiced eyeballs
*Crushed bones
*Lizard legs
*Monster snot




Happy Halloween Everyone!!!