Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ok just a few more pics!

I was gonna try and just post the shadow pictures from our trip to Writing on Stone...
but looks like I couldn't do it after all!
So here are, yet again, more pictures of the hoo doos!

Writing on Stone is just too pretty and we just have too much fun:
* We had many beautiful and peaceful deer sightings (ruined only slightly by certain people pretending to shoot them ;) 
* Shayla and I did morning yoga on the hoo doos 
* Everyone climbed the hoo doos a lot... the older kids even went off exploring by themselves
* Got to spend some quality time with good friends
* Due to our favourite spot being occupied, we camped right by the hoo doos... even had our own trail leading into some cool spots! Maybe we have a new favourite spot?!

Writing on Stone; thanks for all the fun! 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Shadow Showdown!

Writing on Stone Provincial Park is one of our favourite places to go. 
We. Go. There. A. Lot! You may have noticed.
But this is the first trip we thought to have fun with our shadows!
And. Oh. My. It. Was. Fun!
The proof is below:

Just one more reason that Writing on Stone 
(or Drawing on Stones or Writing on Rocks... depending which kid you're talking to) 
is the best!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The largest stop sign I've ever seen!

A while ago I was driving back from Brooks and came upon a stop sign on the secondary highway. And I noticed it had a flashing light on the top of it. Had it always had a flashing light... I couldn't remember! But the sight of it brought me right back to my college days...

My sister, Corrine, and our good friend Duane had drove out from Salmon Arm to visit me in Lethbridge for the weekend. We were sitting at a pub having some drinks... that's really the main point of Aggie College right?! ;)
Duane says: Oh ya, your sister ran a stop sign today!
Corrine slaps him on the arm: oh shut up about that already, Duane!
Duane: Not a chance! It was the largest stop sign I have ever seen in my entire life and to boot it had a big red flashing light on the top of it! How she did NOT see it is beyond me!

I laughed uncontrollably at the time of the story telling and had a bit of a giggle on my drive back home the other day thinking of the story once again!

Alberta really does have some of the largest stop signs I have ever seen and with big red flashing lights to boot!!! But I guess they are necessary because people still, after driving straight with no turns whatsoever for extended periods, really aren't paying enough attention to see a regular sized, non flashing light stop sign! So they need those huge flashy ones!

And even then, certain people just blow right through 'em!

1st day of playschool!

Jax and Mya had their first day of playschool on Tuesday!
They loved it!
They are four years old and big kids now and school is so much fun! Yay!
Plus they have an awesome teacher and each other, so that helps!

This morning when Tristan was complaining about not wanting to go to school, Mya said, can I go to school today Mommy? I love school! And I said maybe you can go for Tristan and do his Grade 1 work! And Tristan said, No she can't, Grade 1 is hardwork.... Mya, play school is just fun, that's why you love it!
True dat! Playschool has the word play in it... it's gotta be fun right?!

My sweethearts... so grown up!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Party Time!

My favourite birthday memory is how much Mya and Jax played with their pinatas the few days before the party. I thought they might just break apart on the first hit! 
And then after the party was over Jax said, Mom, I really miss my big Chase. We should not have crashed him. Awe so sweet and a little sad.
And as I was posting the birthday wishes I read them to Mya and Jax and Mya exclaimed, You got us from the grocery store? To which I said, no and a few other details. And then she said, then why did you say get a baby brother?! So sweet.

Can't believe my babies are 4 years old!

Happy 4th Birthday Jax!

Happy Birthday my sweet little Jax!
We love you so much!
You have brought endless joy, love, laughter and a little craziness into our lives!
When I think back to 4 years ago today, I feel so lucky to have had such a wonderful birthing experience with twins! And when you arrived 7 minutes after Mya, I full on cried, because I was so happy to have a little brother for Tristan! A girl and a boy... just what I was hoping for!
Love you my sweet baby boy!
Wishing you all the joy and happiness in the world!

Happy 4th Birthday Mya!

Happy Birthday my darling little girl!
We love you so much!
You have brought so much fun, joy, love and loudness into all of our lives!
When I think back to 4 years ago today , I can actually smile, the whole labour experience was almost enjoyable! And when you arrived 7 minutes before Jax, I still, unlike previous labour experiences, had enough energy left to tear up because I was so happy we had a little sister for Shayla!
Love you my sweet baby girl!
Wishing you much joy and happiness in your life!